Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Fabrics of Inspiration

Trying to keep the 'Inspiration Tuesday' theme going here! . . .

These are the fabrics I'm looking at today - I've made one item and I've far too many other ideas in my head for other projects! You may recognise the Matryoshka fabric which I used in a lovely swap with Gretchen, the linen I purchased a few months back for something which now escapes me - I just know I really had to have it at the time!! And of course, some lovely Harris Tweed which I used to back a little bag charm, which is one of the ideas I wanted to try with the fabric.

I think I'll be using every scrap of this fabric - so many 'applique' possibilities - the flowers, the swirls, the dolls - yum! The embroidery thread is for another idea involving linen and tweed - haven't reached that one yet. How many hours are there in a day?? Answer - not enough!

1 comment:

june at noon said...

Very inspiring, indeed.

That Matryoshka fabric was cute cut out for softies, but I love it even more as a whole, with all the colors and designs. So cute!