Monday, 11 January 2010

Tartan Terrors

A 'quickie' blog post today - just added a little batch of 'tweedie' dinosaurs to my Etsy shop this morning. As Saturday seems to be one of my busiest crafting days usually, some regular Monday shop listings might be a good New Year resolution to make! I thought it would be fun to add some of these little fellas to my Etsy shop in a special range of plaids/checks, dogtooth checks - not really 'tartan' but it made a good blog title! I've used oddments of tweed for these, so won't be making too many in each pattern - not available on my own web, just on Etsy.

I thought they looked really 'fun' and vibrant in checks, reminiscent of the very first one I ever made. Hopefully I will be making some little teddy-tweedies in plaids too - I'm looking forward to experimenting. Better go and shift 'teenage son' out of his bed - no school for him today, more school closures here 'cos of icy pavements, etc. And I thought everything had got back to normal!

Happy Monday! :D


Karin said...


Have I wished you a happy new year just yet? I don't think I did. So: I wish you a very happy, fun, inspirational and creative 2010 Alison. And I am glad we 'met' last year!

Here the schools aren't closed, even though we have to slippery slide all the way to the doors. Oh well, the little ones love it all! (And I am starting to long for spring. I'm not really a winter person, I'm afraid. The first few months are fun, but after new year I just about had enough of the cold and snow :-))

yardage girl said...

These are very cute!

janet said...

that little guy is way too cute to be a terror! Lovely work as always Alison..have a wonderful day!

Swirlyarts said...

Oh he is fabulous!! Love him :)

june at noon said...

Great titles. I think the colors in that photo are great. Such fun and very complimentary to the fabric. These are sure to be a hit!

Biba said...

What a fabuluous idea! Harris Tweed plus tartan/check pattern screams 'Scottish' to me and there is nothing in the world that I like more!