Saturday, 30 January 2010

Sounds Like Fun!

Most weeks in our local rag (the Stornoway Gazette) there is an article about Harris Tweed. Being a local industry, there's always a story somewhere about the ups and downs of this historic cloth. This week's article caught my eye however, as it conjured up a lovely tweedie image:

. . . a charity bike ride through London, the Tweed Run. "Up to 400 Harris Tweed-clad cyclists will be setting out from the fashion hub of London, Saville Row for a 14 mile bike ride through the capital in aid of Bikes4Africa".

I like the bit in the article where it says: ". . . we'll be stopping for a civilized tea break in the park halfway through" - very debonair, hehe!

What a great photo opportunity :) Just thought I'd share that with you!


june at noon said...

I think you ought to meet them at the end of the ride and hand out tweed plushies! ;)

Swirlyarts said...

You should make one of the riders dress in lycra with lots of your tweediness pinned to him :) Would look good!