Tuesday, 5 January 2010

New Girl in Town

Well, here she is - the new girl in town. The first of, I hope, a new range of 'Art Dolls', which I mentioned in my last post. I had great fun making her, playing around with fabrics, notions, etc. which is exactly what I'd hoped for. No restrictions as regards toy safety as she is a decorative piece, not designed for children. A certain lovely blogging friend may recognise the fab button I used, which I was delighted to come across! She is entirely hand stitched in my own pattern which miraculously all seemed to come together quite easily.

Even more miraculously she has been added to my Etsy shop (Tweed Plush) and is available for sale. I hope this is a sign of more efficiency in listing items as soon as I make them! The shop has now been reactivated, with a few items of older stock on sale. My bag charm listings have been updated and are now 'made to order'. I'm trying to have as few 'custom made' items in my Etsy shops and concentrating on physical stock instead. Of course, there is a wide range of 'made to order' items available in my own website.

I left the edges of the shawl of the 'art doll' frayed as I didn't want a 'finished', tailored-looking doll, more of a tactile, textural piece, which is what I was aiming for. She is 40 cm long and feels lovely to hold - the cotton/linen fabric I used for the body has a nice 'slubby' texture and is a lovely putty-colour. More pics of her in the listing. I came across the fabric for the doll when I was getting together a small parcel of craft oddments for a friend (who passed on the fabulous Selvedge mags to me - Gee, I love that publication, so inspiring - Thanks Karin!).

Well, that's the first item to be added to my Etsy shops this year - here's to many more and lots of creativity to follow!

Cheerio an Drasda :)


Biba said...

She's beautiful, very Japanese!

Marion said...

Sorry for my cheeky tweet, Alison. Couldn't resist!
But I'm well impressed at your creative flow so soon after Christmas. Keep it up!

june at noon said...

She's great! The hair reminds me of a 1920's, flapper-ish sort of vibe, and of course, the button just *makes* the doll. ;) You're off to a good start!

Swirlyarts said...

She is wonderful - love her!

janet said...

Alison...I am in love....I will be adopting one of your girl babies very soon ;-) HA...your word verification thing just gave me the word PAPER...that is the first real 'word' I have ever seen! They are usually silly non-sensical words, someone has no imagination.....Funny!