Thursday, 19 July 2012

my creative space . . . crowdie and cream

The colour of the tweed I've used for these zipper pouches reminds me of  'crowdie and cream'.  I like the Wikipedia defintion of 'crowdie' - 'The cheese is often eaten with oatcakes, and recommended before a ceilidh as it is said to alleviate the effects of whisky-drinking.  That's a new one to me LOL!!

Anyway, I seem to be totally hooked on making zipper pouches at the moment and made these two on Monday - loved how the cosmetic pouch turned out, so made a little coin purse to keep it company :)  I've actually managed to put them into the shop - hurray!

I thought I'd  completely run out of this tweed,  but I found a little snippet of it.  Added some of my vintage lace stash (must get some more!) and had some fun making crochet flowers.  I lined them both in a natural linen fabric, which I also thought I'd run out of - there are some benefits to being a little bit chaotic eg.  "Oh, I wondered where that had gone!!!" moments are very common when you don't have a defined workspace!

I'm sort of liking that description of  'crowdie and cream' - might just go and rename them in my shop listing, hehe! :)

Off to have some crowdie on an oatcake, so that I can go to a ceilidh and drink lots of whisky, in true Hebridean style - sounds like a good night out!  (perhaps not at 9.30 am in the morning tho!)

More creative peeps over here :)
Bye for now
Alison x


Alessandra said...

love at first sight!!!
xxx Alessandra

Fiona said...

Gorgeous .. and you can never have too many zip pouches!

gardenglut said...

Oh these are lovely! And I love crowdie. I first came across it when I visited Scotland in the 80's and stayed on the Applecross Peninsular in the Western Highlands with a local crofting family, then again when I worked in Ullapool for a while. (I visited the Orkney's and Skye but I didn't go to Harris and Lewis the other one....). Not sure where you are.

Love your stuff!

Claire said...

Love your little zip purses, the beauty is in the simplicity of the colours . The contrasting zips are great.
I'm in zip purse mode at the moment and enjoying the planning and coordinating of the fabrics etc.

Bit addictive I think and yes, you should definitely call these purses 'crowdie 'n cream' sounds delish.....

Claire x

Seaweed and Raine said...

Gorgeous pouches! Love the crochet flower and black zip accents. These might be my fave yet! :)

june at noon said...

I really like the way you've worked all those materials together--the tweed, the lace, the crochet. Well done~