Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Pheeeew :)

Pheeeeew, me and my little babushka buddies are cooking up a storm in the kitchen (yes, that's my oven in the background, and no, I'm not going to cook 'em LOL!) - well, we have to work where we can - needs must and all that :)  They're all lined up to attention here on my ironing board, ready to be stitched up into little coin purses.  Then they're off to a new retail outlet - I hope they behave themselves there - some of their little faces looked decidedly snooty and down-right rebellious - behave yourselves girls, hehe!

This is me popping up briefly amidst a flurry of sewing frenzy - should be done by the end of the week, when I can hopefully be allowed 'out to play' once again :)

Speak soon!
Alison  x


Claire said...

Ironing boards make great work surfaces don't they?

You're certainly keeping busy Alison......they look so sweet, love the colours.

Hope you have some nice weather happening at the moment....very cold frosty morning here, but the sun is shining so a lovely day to come.

Claire x

june at noon said...

I can already tell they'll be cute. Good luck!