Thursday, 12 July 2012

my creative space . . . the simple things

My creative space  is  a bit minimal this week - ooops!  Not because there's a  lack of creativity, it's just that the time to blog about it is becoming increasingly short, now that it's school hols.

I have a craft fair scheduled for this Saturday, which is a bit of a tight squeeze for me as I've been concentrating on retail outlets for the last 3  weeks or so, leaving little time to make the fun, funky stuff,  I'd like for selling at fairs.  

When I did my last fair, a little girl picked up a couple of my tweedie wrist-cuffs (in between performing a couple of pirhouettes - she was very cute, hehe!) and proclaimed they were far too big for her (she was also very outspoken!) which they were, as they were all adult-sized.  I had made ONE child-sized version, so this time round I thought I'd rectify the matter and made a little batch of kiddie-sized ones in nice bright colours . . . 

I like to have some very inexpensive items as fun tweedie-souvenirs, so these fit the bill - it's nice to  have things to suit all pockets, particularly little ones!

And, also another backlog from my last craft-fair 'to-do' list, some more handmade gift-tags . . . 

These will be added to any items that, well, don't have a gift-tag yet!  I really should have a little stock at the ready, but . . . . . :)

Sorry, this is a short-thrift post, but better get off and get a little more 'tweedie' work done - although, acutally I did promise myself a day off - not sure that I can keep my paws off that 'tweedie' stuff tho, LOL!! :) :)

More creative-peeps over here - see you hopefully after the fair for a little 'low-down' on my progress!  

Alison  x


Claire said...

Hey Alison, all the best with the craft fair....I find I work best when there's less time as I have to stop procrastinating and get on and actually do something!!
Great ide to have some child sized the colours you used.
How's the den coming along for Little S?

Hope you can find a little bit more crafty time........

CLaire x

june at noon said...

It sounds like you're wonderfully busy lately. Good for you!

Debra said...

I love craft a visitor that is...i did many, years ago and now i love to be on the other side of the bench admiring and buying the beautiful hand made items others have made...and/or supplies to take home to make myself. All the best with it, your creations are gorgeous. LOVE the little seahorses!

Bron said...

cute cuffs...all the best with the market I am sure you will be a hit with everyone big or small. xx

Alessandra said...

good idea to think about the little ones' needs!!! So sweet from you!!! Hope you had a great time at the fair!
xxxx Alessandra