Sunday, 22 July 2012

Operation Applique! and the last post of the Summer Hols :)

I've been having some yummy, experimental crafty time this week - on Thursday I went applique-crazy, and decided to make my own applique 'tweedie' matryoshka.  I wasn't sure how the old machine would behave doing small, tight applique stitches, but it held  it's own and behaved very nicely, thankyou :)  Here's a little preview . . . 

She's now quite happily attached to a herringbone 'tweedie' zipper purse here . . . 

I'm making this the last post of the school summer hols, we're about half-way through already and I think it's time to enjoy the second  half 'sans-blogging'!  I'm really looking forward to having a family break which is going to be completely uninterrupted by any work commitments (crafty-work included!).  The last few weeks have been pretty busy with craft-fairs, stock-making and for the last week, some intensive designing and experimenting, which I've loved! 

Looking forward to some family time now though - who knows I might even turn into a Domestic Goddess without my crafty distractions, hehe!  'Big S' will be getting his exam results (VERY exciting!) while we're on our hols, it's definitely time to physically disconnect 'Little S' from his games console, and  if we're lucky we might have a few family outings if we nag my Other Half enough!  

I will try and take some photos of other stuff apart from 'tweedieness'!!  I'll  be back mid-August when the kiddos are back at school :)

I'm off to get my crochet hooks out now - well, it's enjoyable crafting, purely for rest and relaxation you understand!

Bye for now :)
Alison x


Fiona said...

Enjoy your blogging holiday!!

june at noon said...

Very cute applique. Enjoy your time away!

Biba said...

This is beautiful!

Enjoy your time with the family :)

Alessandra said...

Enjoy your holidays and your family,too!!
I love your little matryoshka!!
See you soon, xxx Alessandra

florcita said...

that's so cute!
Holidays are about to finish here... one more week. Not bad though... that will mean that son goes back to school and I get to go back to the studio! yay!
Enjoy your time!

Alessandra said...

Hi Alison!!
I've just nominated you for a blog award!!! Go and check my last post!!!
Have a good day!!!
xxx Alessandra