Saturday, 5 September 2009


If I ever see another marshmallow it'll be too soon! Actually, I lie - cos I'm still nibbling the little devils left over from 'Little S's' party today even though I know I've eaten more than my fair share! Well, what are parties for if not for over-indulging a little bit (or even a big bit!)

It was a very little party - just 4 boys, but they kept themselves entertained running outside in between bouts on the new console (did we really need another one? - but it proved to be a great hit!).

Back to crafting as usual next week, I might even get to write a "To-Do" list on Monday, which I haven't managed for the last two weeks. Anyhow 'Little S' seemed to be quite delighted with his day all round - what a relief! There's always the fear that they'll be emotionally scarred for life if the birthday isn't quite right!!

Bye for Now :) (Bleeuuuurgh!)


Jennifer Rose said...

even with bad birthdays I still had a good time with friends and eating cake, I was more upset when I was young that I didn't get any presents. but if I had cake, that made up for the lack of presents :p

Marion said...

Ahhh such happy memories - birthday parties. Well on reflection there were some not so happy (peanut allergic child(not mine)and peanut butter cookies is one that springs to mind! Child survived thanks to red cross trained neighbour! Another one was a fire obsessed 5 year old (again not mine) who found the matches for the birthday candles.
Happy days!!
Happy Birthday Little Tweedlet!

Swirlyarts said...

Oooooh those marshmallows look good - I might have to pinch that idea for the birthdays in my house :)

Tweed Delights said...

Hi Jennifer - yes, the cake is very important I think too :)

Think I got off quite lightly with our party, hehe! Hilarious memories, Marion - love it!!:D

I like 'tweedlet' very much - couldn't see the wee fellow for dust when I told him, haha!

The marshmallows are a good idea Lynsey, it's just after the first fifteen you feel a bit sick, hehe :)!!