Friday, 11 September 2009

my creative space . . . (Hebridean Time)

Well, here's a fine 'how-de-do', I hear you say. At least 2 days late, but I'm going to 'submit' my post anyhow 'cos I'm feeling a bit 'bolshie', so there, hehe! It's using that RED Harris Tweed that did it m'Lord - honest!!

I thought it was high time to post some unadulterated Harris Tweed after my 'shenanigans' with embroidery and what have you. I'm only able to show a segment of my creative space for a couple of reasons: (1) The item I'm making is in mid-progress (and awaiting approval/instructions) and will hopefully be in the post soon for the certain person and (2) it involves a custom order from a lovely customer who gave me the impetus to design an item, but at the moment is still in the prototype version. I could show the finished item which looks lovely in the photos, but I think there's still a little work to be done before it is sent out into wide open 'Blogland'!!

Sorry for the very cryptic post - it may have a little to do with the unfortunate encounter I had earlier this week which involved a folding chair and me flying into the air and landing flat on my back on said folded chair - Ouch! Hence the reason I've been a bit quiet the last few days, nursing my wounded pride and a few bumps and brusies in places I can't really mention politely! The moral of the story is never to stand on a wobbly folding chair wearing your wedge-heels, while trying to touch the ceiling - but then you knew that, didn't you??!

More creative (and perhaps a little more sensible!!) peeps here.

Cheerio an Drasda :)


Swirlyarts said...

I love the word bolshie - it's a good word for a Saturday morning :)

Hah - the word verification is horse! I've never had an actual word before!

florcita said...

love how bright that red is!!!