Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Lighting Effects

I love the light you get first thing in the morning at this time of year. We had mist yesterday morning and today, that fantastic light that seems to magnify all the colours of the landscape - the sheep across the road look positively glowing!

The work on the 'tweedie' i-phone cover has been going well (thanks for all the encouragement!) and yesterday I completed a finished version, and while I was in full swing attempted a smaller version for use as a mobile phone/cell phone cover. And, amazingly it worked! Well, it fits my phone perfectly and can always be adjusted to fit different sizes.

I've been busy taking some pics of my current stocks of Harris Tweed this morning. Many of the bright primary colours, you will probably be familar with, as I use them in my 'softies'. I also have a very small stock of plaids/checks which would be attractive for using in my phone/gadget pouches. I've already been using these in my soft furnishings, where I think they look really effective.

I'll probably be popping the gadget pouches (in two sizes) into my Etsy shop, where they will be listed as a custom order. The colours of tweed available will hopefully be illustrated in the listing - well that's the plan!!

The price of the gadget pouches are probably going to be higher than I would have wished for, but there is a considerable amount of handsewing involved (I like to make a rod for my own back!). I would consider them as being a very opulent kind of pouch, that might get a few Oooohs and Ahhhhs of approval at the Dinner table! They both feel lovely to handle though, and the simple shape makes the most of the texture of the fabric. Well, that's Harris Tweed for you :)

P.S. My supply of button blanks have arrived and are now available to order in my Tweed Delights Etsy shop.


june at noon said...

You're right about the morning light. Everything seems super saturated with color. The tweedie cover is looking so good! (What a way to combine a traditional material/craft with a modern "necessity"!)

florcita said...

I looove that picture there and I agree with the lightning nature gives this time of year. Gorgeous. THen winter comes and darkness falls! hahaha
Im telling you, it' s avery good job what you' ve done with that pouch! Congrats!

florcita said...

And yes, the fabrics for your house line -at least the one I got in that lovely cushion- are gorgeous!
HEar people! get one! :)

Tweed Delights said...

Hee, hee! Thanks Mariana :)

Thanks Gretchen :) I got there eventually! (it's a bit of a departure from softies!)

Alli McOttob said...

One of my dearest memories is my trip to Scotland when I was 14teen, and I can still remember the light only you -luky guys!- can admire!!
The colour of the tweed used for the i-pod cover is wonderful!

Jennifer Rose said...

radioactive sheep! ;)

Tweed Delights said...


Charminglochie said...

I think you've done a fantastic job of the iPhone Pouch and they are definately a popular product.

janet said...

love the photo of the sheep! They do look electric.