Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Embroidery Practice

I did mention that I was doing a wee bit more experimenting with my embroidery at the weekend. I'm really enjoying the books I bought and I'm now looking at 'the new crewel' embroidery one (lots of scope for daft play on words with that one!). I admit I've ordered some crewel wool and a small piece of white linen union to practice some of the lovely designs in the book. The fabric is very pricey, but I thought it might be worth it as there are great ideas for making handmade cards with the designs - save me a few bob on birthday cards maybe!

I had a go on Saturday at doing a little embroidery design on a pincushion made from linen and backed with black Harris Tweed. The design was inspired by some of my wild flower photos (and my embroidery books, I think!). Quite grown-up, not my usual style!

It took me most of the afternoon to embroider these 4 little flowers! I added the little dots after noticing them in my flower photos afterwards. I love the way it adds texture to a project, here's a more close up shot:

I used a french knot for the flower heads and stem stitch for the stems! It's a very time consuming pastime but quite rewarding to see the end results. I embroidered the finished pincushion as opposed to using a hoop. I'm enjoying it as a recreational pastime which I'm trying to make more time for - it's great trying out new crafts too, just for the fun of it.

'Little S''s birthday at the weekend so I'm going to be busy getting ready for that this week - off to sort out my little house so that it's fit for a birthday party, not that 8 year old boys are really bothered about that kind of thing!

Yesterday I was working on a custom order which I will post pics of at the weekend - definitely out of my 'comfort zone'. It was a bit of a challenge for me - as a clue, it involved electrical gadgets, which I know 'zilch' about!!

Bye for Now:)


janet said...

as always..another beauty! Thanks for the birthday wishes..it was a wonderful day!

Marion said...

You're right - very grown up... and classy! I like the monochrome very much.

Jennifer Rose said...

very nice and simple :) I hate french knots, do everything to avoid using them lol

Kim Dellow said...

Oh wow, I love these. Lovely! Kim

Tweed Delights said...

Hi Kim! Many thanks :) I'm currently enjoying embroidery as a bit of a hobby, although it's beginning to appear on my 'tweedie' creations a bit more too :D

Karin said...

Well, you have been contagious ;-) I'm embroidering away these days too. Love the little pincushion, very cute!

Alli McOttob said...

These are really classy!! they remind me Mackintosh's style! Thank you for sharing your skills and talent!