Saturday, 19 September 2009

C'est Moi!

Ouch!! Three years of being a dedicated 'crafter' have taken their toll! This week I decided it was time to update my Profile pic - that sweet little photo (slightly soft-focus, mind!) was no longer representative of the real me. I coaxed the boys into taking many, many, photos of me - "No, I groaned - that's not right! too fat, too jowly, too tight-lipped!!" Then I tried, many, many, times to take one of myself. There were so many photos eventually, I thought I might as well turn them into a piece of 'fun' artwork.

I was feeling really tired on the day I took the pics but then, that's real life isn't it? Sometimes tired, sometimes not, sometimes bubbly, sometimes grumpy, sometimes pensive, sometimes frivolous. I kinda like them all now - in a 'sharp intake of breath' kind of way! Bare-faced 'crafter' (well just a lick of the usual eye make-up, and even that didn't seem to help much!)

Well, now you know :) Eeeeek!

(Photo mosaic created using fd's Flickr Toys)


Jennifer Rose said...

lol that did make me laugh, thanks :)

i really like them all together like that tho :) its very arty looking

Jade Creative said...

Kudos to you for being so brave.
I always say you don't have to wear make up to look younger. Just smile, it will take ten years off.
One of my favourite pictures of myself was taken with my daughter. It was her eighth grade grad photo. We had a little makeup put on her. At the end of the photo shoot, the photographer asked me to step in and take the last few shots along side her. I was unprepared and had no makeup on. The picture of us turned out beautifully.
Have a wonderful day

florcita said...

What a cool mosaic! you and I have a similar hairstyle... only I think mine is a few cm shorter...
I hate taking pictures of myself or having my picture taken when Im right there... and I see the camera! I have heard so many tips as to what to do so you don' t look fat, silly and all the rest... jst never works! aahahah oh well.
I like the one you chose for the profile!

june at noon said...

I love that you put them all together like that! I don't have many photos of myself these days as I'm always behind the camera! I always joke that if you look at the pictures you'd think my kids have no mother, ;)

Karin said...

Well, nice to meet you, Alison ;-) You look like a wonderful, warm and sweet person. So if that fits you, I'd say the pictures worked out perfectly! :-)

PS. I hate getting my pictures taken too. Somehow on photo I look a lot different (and not in a good way) than when I look in the mirror. What is that? Do I fool myself looking in the mirror? Or is it something about the presence of a camera (pointed at myself that is) that makes me freeze? :-D

Tweed Delights said...

Thank you all for your kind comments on my 'slightly scary' photos! I thought twice about posting this and then thought, why not! They are all me, after all :)

I think they might make an interesting subject for an art or crafts project in the future.