Monday, 29 October 2012

More Noro knits and some great felting results . . .

I went on to make a second pair of Noro mittens over the last few days - I was determined to master the (for me!) slightly fiddly thumb-hole part of the pattern . . .

. . . they turned out fine, and I didn't have to use my darning needle to, ahem, 'mend' any errors this time!  Great pattern - quick to knit, and the yarn is like knitting with a palette of paints - just lovely (with a little yarn left-over too) :)

I was absolutely delighted with the results of my 'felting' experiment at the weekend - the cardigan felted like a dream and I'm  now left with some beautiful felted applique squares . . .

not a frayed edge in site, just perfect for lots of crafty uses (very seasonal too!) . . .

. . . these felted squares will look fab next to my Harris Tweed as appliqued motifs - I'm converted to felting woollie sweaters, what a great discovery!

You can see the thickness of the felted fabric here, and how smooth the edges were after being cut . . . 

. . . 4 mm thick woollen felt for free - just brilliant :)

We had a nice chilled out weekend after the first week back to school - clocks went back an hour, the open fire was blazing yesterday - I have so many crafty ideas in mind, I'm not sure I'll even notice the shorter days and longer nights though.

We'll be cutting into this perfect specimen of a pumpkin this week . .

I'm almost loathe to touch it, it's such a lovely colour - I'm sure we'll manage to transform it into something ghoulish though!  

Happy Monday :)
Alison x

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Felting a sweater . . . . or what to do with a drizzly Saturday afternoon :)

. . . or should I say felting a cardigan.  I've been looking at this cardigan for the last week or two . . .

. . . it has some sentimental value, so I didn't want to put it to the Charity shop, and I don't want to wear it myself either . . . so what to do with it?

It has some lovely applique detailing . . . 

. . . and some nice buttons . . .

Turns out I think they look like coconut husk? . . .

It's made from 80% wool and 20% acrylic.  Eureka! - why don't I try to felt it - I've never tried this before but this seemed the perfect opportunity - a decent wool garment, with some nice features (and buttons!).

Looking at the care label, I think I just about did the opposite of what you should do to look after a good woollen garment, so I'm thinking this is the way to go!  This is an easy craft, just do the opposite of what you're told to do, I like it - hehe! . . . 

I put it inside a pillow case so that any loose fibres wouldn't clog up my washing machine - then put it on a setting of 60 degrees centigrade, tied the pillow case closed and threw it in with a couple of towels and a  pair of jeans, and left it to its own devices!  An hour or so later . . . 

. . . it has shrunk by half and I think it looks like it's felted pretty well!  The fibres look more tightly joined and the knitted stitches have almost disappeared.  I read somewhere that you should put the item in a tumble dryer, which I currently don't have, but I thought a washing line in the Outer Hebrides would do much the same job LOL . . . 

I didn't leave it out for long as the rain started, so it's now drying on a heater indoors.  I'm really excited about using the felted material - I'm not sure if I've felted it enough, but it seems OK.  There are lots of tutorials online to help, here's one of many.

I guess if the finished fabric doesn't unravel much (or at all!!) when I cut into it's good enough.  Great for using for some felt applique shapes and lots of other crafty uses.  I will update you once I get the scissors out!

Have you tried felting knitted items?  Any interesting, unexpected results?

It's turned out all Wintry here in the Hebrides this weekend - some snow and hailstones yesterday - yikes!  Perfect crafting weather tho :)

Alison x

Thursday, 25 October 2012

my creative space . . . Noro project, and the end of the hols . . .

Well, I did mange to do something with the much adored Noro yarn I've been eyeing up over the hols - I just squeezed it in at the very last minute, as the boys and I are back to work and school this week. 

I'd had a pattern in mind for the yarn which I'd spotted on Ravelry and had downloaded in my 'library' but it had a couple of techniques I'd never tried before so I was hedging a bit with it and waiting for a 'brave' moment for me to give it a try (that meant Sunday!).   

Lots of scribbled notes on the pattern . . . 

. . . yes, fingerless gloves, if you hadn't guessed!! - I loved the simplicity of this pattern and how it shows  up the beauty of the Noro yarn.  I had to learn how to make a provisional cast-on (Lesson 1!) and how to do a three needle bind-off (Lesson 2, but quite an easy one, like drawing with 2 pencils instead of 1!) so a really fun learning process - thanks You Tube!.  

More scribbled notes - I found some of the instructions a little brief -  it's a very short pattern . . . 

and finally . . .

. . . yes, I know the colours don't match - but that's the beauty of the yarn!  You either go with it or maybe try to fiddle around to get a match - I just went with it, for the fun element :)  I love the roll-up cuff - it gives a nice 'relaxed' finish to them - in my opinion!

. . . Ta Dah!

I'm so happy with my fingerless mitts - and they fitted perfectly too, an added bonus!  

The pattern is available as a free download on Ravelry and is called 'Camp Out fingerless mitts' by Tante Ehm.  They weren't a complete breeze for me to make as I had some issues with the thumb hole (putting this down to lack of 'knitting-in-the-round' experience!) but I managed to overcome this.  A very sweet pattern with a bit of a learning element - cool!  (I'd thoroughy recommend it as a 'starter' mitten-making experiment.)  

I can now go back to the office job knowing I've had a little creative 'down-time' and some relaxing time with the boys - what's not to like! :) :)

Perhaps a few X-mas pressies may arise from this pattern - shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone though! :D

Ah, well it's back to sorting out school uniforms, work clothes, etc. for me today - still, it was nice to have a break!  AND we are having the most gorgeous Autumnal  October weather - way hay!!!!

Alison x

P.S. I've added my own notes on my Ravelry page for these, if you are interested - you can find me as  'Tweed Delights', surprise, surprise, hehe!!

P.P.S.  More creative yarns here :)

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Things that make me happy this week . . . .

This weekend I found myself looking at some beautiful family artefacts which I've recently had the great fortune to come into contact with, and indeed now to take ownership of.  

My favourites were some beautiful christening robes and dresses - this kind of thing makes me positively drool at the mouth - old fabrics, amazing craftsmanship, history, culture - it's  all here . . .  

detail from two christening dresses - how old, I really don't know - lovely to me though :)

Also a beautiful christening coat/cape with embroidered details . . .

a little close up . . . 

This kind of thing makes me positively sigh with joy!

There was also a lovely selection of crochet doillies, collars, etc. . . . 

. . . . when I saw these I thought all my birthdays had come at once LOL!  Some are too precious too re-use but there are others I may consider using in some crafty projects. (I think the one on in the foreground is a baby's bib with beautiful crochet lace edging - possibly a baby gift from long ago, it's never been used and is pristine!)

Talking of birthdays, it was teenage son's 17th birthday this week - I was so tempted to post a pic but I really must respect his wishes as I know he wouldn't want me to - just to say to him though, 'You're a Star!!!!' :)

Why is that as soon as I say I'm NOT going to blog every day, I find lots of things to blog/bore you with!  Never mind - going with the flow here :)

Happy Sunday!
Alison x

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Bye Bye Blogtoberfest - 'normal' blogging resumes!

Oh dear, there are times when you know it's time to:  throw in the towel, admit defeat, call it quits, take a step back, etc. etc.  At this point of Blogtoberfest, just beyond mid-way, I have realised that it's that time.  I've really enjoyed trying to meet the challenge - thinking of something new to post about every day, take a nice photo, etc. but the discipline involved in doing so is just too restrictive for me, being a bit of a rebel and all, hehe :)

Here's where I do my 'normal' blogging - this photo is a couple of years old, but I'm still situated in the same corner of the room.  I just like the light in this photo, streaming in from the window where I have my lovely view of Broad Bay view - it's very nice! . . . 

Yes, I know - I really should tidy up these shelves LOL!

See you 'soon . . . ish' - have a lovely weekend y'all :)

P.S. Thankyou Blogtoberfest for prompting me to learn to schedule posts at long last!!!! I wrote this post last night - isn't technolgoy marvellous, hehe :)  Well, at least I learned something - all  is not lost!

Alison x

Friday, 19 October 2012

A fishy shoal :)

Sorry, I'm blogging twice in the one day!  No, not really to make up for my shortfall in posting during Blogoberfest, I've grovelled  enough about that one!, but to test out my schedule-posting skills - hope this works!!

Here's my finished fishy shoal, which are now in the shop - they look quite sweet altogether, but they are being sold separately - I'm sure they'll cope, hehe . . . .

Good luck little fishies - safe journey to the wonderful world of the web :)

Alison x

Fish processing . . .

I spent yesterday afternoon making some tweedie-fish for the shop - they seemed to go down well whenever I've taken them to craft-fairs, so they've been promoted to online sales :)  (hopefully once I photograph them and package them and list them - pheeeeew!)

They're now all sewn up, stuffed and embroidered - ready to swim off in a little tweedie shoal - pics coming soon  :)

Alison x

Thursday, 18 October 2012

my creative space . . . doodle stitching, and back to tweedying

Ah well, all our visiting family have gone back to the mainland, so there's nothing else to it but to get back to 'tweedying', blogging, and all the various tasks involved in running a crafty business - holidays are over, where tweedie-work is concerned.  A day earlier than I intended but there are 'tweedie' matters to attend to, e-mails to be answered and stock-making to get on with :)

I took a little time out yesterday to do a little embroidery as I'd come across a 'practice' tweedie pouch I'd made a while back when I was trying to work out the rudiments of creating a lining - it's very basic but I thought it was perfect for a little practice embroidery.  I took out Aimee Ray's book, which is fantastic for all  'newbie' embroiderers - it's really well illustrated and gives step by step directions on all the basic stitches.  

Fantastic inspiring designs - I love all the 'doodly' images - it's very creative stuff.  Here's my rudimentary attempts - I really enjoyed just going with the flow though, using her designs as a guide - practicing some  stitches as  I went . . . 

I love her little bird designs - so I tried to make my own version.  After I'd done the bird outline, 'Little S' came up to me, looked  at it and said 'but what's it supposed to be???  More work required obviously LOL, so I tried my best to fill it in using 'short and long' stitch, but it's a little rough - I got the general idea though!  I used stem stitch for the branch - I'm not adept at using this stitch as I don't use it very often, but I had fun adding french-knots for flowers and 'laisy-daisy' stitches for leaves - all suggestions from the book.

Here's a little close up . . .

I really enjoy embroidery as a pleasureable pastime - very soothing and relaxing.

I'm back to making more 'tweedie-stock' for the shop today, it will possibly involve a little basic embroidery, but no stem stitch thankfully, hehe!

I'll try and pick up the reigns of Blogtoberfest after my five day absence - ooooops, well I'm only human :)  To err is human, to forgive is . . . . :D

Alison x

Friday, 12 October 2012

Hey ho, hey ho, it's off to work . . . .

Off to the office job today - last day before I have a week or so off for the October holidays, hurray!  Here's a little view of Stornoway as I make my meandering way to work . . . I could have worse views and a less scenic route, but no, it's very nice . . . and sometimes I have a little look at the ducks in the river as I cross the bridge . . . 

I've decided  to take my October break as usual, so huge apologies, but no blog for the next week - if I had been uber-organised I would have done the 'schedule-post' thingummy-jig but alas . . . sorry 'Blogtoberfest'! (I have tried very hard though - honest!)

Looking forward to a relaxing break - perhaps I'll finish off the 'other' sock, then again there's that lovely Noro wool, hehe :)  Ah, the possibilities!

See you next weekend :)

Have a nice day y'all :)
Alison  x

Thursday, 11 October 2012

my creative space . . . . the back of it!

Being a little coy about 'my creative space' today - I'm only showing the reverse side of what I'm working on ;-)  It's going really well so far, it's a large piece - and I'm  cracking on with it!  Suffice to say that it's made  entirely from  Harris Tweed and toy stuffing and is the result of some frantic doodling I did last night when I came home from the office.  I'm having fun with this one - back to designing 'softies'/soft sculpture, whatever you like to call it :)  There are a  few 'doodles' on the go! . . . 

I love this tweed, it's a beautiful  combination of colours, and I was being a bit brave/stupid, to use it today  as I wasn't sure how things would go - as it is, they seem to have gone OK :)  

Today in the post I got . . . .

NORO!!!!! I love this yarn - I've been working so  hard on my 'tweedie' business the last couple of weeks I thought I needed a little treat :)  So I bought a couple of balls of it - it's not cheap, but it IS gorgeous!  It's all part of the grieving process from losing the Noro beanies I made last Christmas - I think this will help me feel better ;-)

Alison  x

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Mondrian inspired?

I'm a bit of a modern art fan, when I get round to thinking about something other than Harris Tweed :)  

My Other Half brought these remnant/reject glass tiles home from work the other day - sometimes he brings  all sorts of useless junk home and I have to tell him nicely to take it back . . . but these I liked, and instantly thought, hmmmm, Mondrian . . . 

What would you do with them?  Mondrian-inspired wall art (I was thinking of glueing them to some cork tiles maybe), create a new disco-inspired floor installation, ah la, 'Saturday Night Fever'??? - I did love that movie, hehe! :)

What would you do with them???

See ya tomorrow :)
Alison x

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Playing Dolls

I've been in dolly-making mode this week - it's fun to be back with the toy-stuffing again!  I really enjoyed making the first of these which I gave you a little sneaky peek of, last week.  When I made one though, I decided I wanted to make a little set of 3 of them for putting on my website . . .

They sort of evolved as I went along, although I had an idea of how I wanted them to look . . .

. . . a  little bit of vintage lace here, an  appliqued  flower there . . . they were a lot of fun to make :)   Each one has been finished off with hand-embroidered  features, and I added a little Scottish kitsch with the tartan ribbon (OK, actually that's the only ribbon I had to hand, but I DO love to mix patterns, colours, etc in a 'mixty-moxty' kind of way, hehe!).  They're now in my shop here :)

Better not hang around too long today, my poor laptop is beginning to creak and groan under the strain of my daily blogging, or more like from the amount of photos I've been uploading during Blogtoberfest - time to do a little computer housework I think!!

Bye for now
Alison x

Monday, 8 October 2012

Experimental knitting and a delivery

I've admired these beautiful mittens in the Craft Activism book ever since I got it.  It's only since I started the 'knitting in the round' thing recently that I even vaguely considered embarking on something like this.  I was really fascinated by the idea of doing colour stranded knitting (or fairisle?? - I've no idea  of the correct terminology) and was intrigued by the colour block patterns accompanying the mitten knitting instructions. 

Yesterday, I decided to do just a little swatch as an experiment - I don't have the right size needles, so I'm  not quite ready to go with this project!  I really enjoyed trying it out though, went wonky on the second repeat of the pattern and managed to transpose the colours, haha!  Lots of technical issues, which I'd been made aware of through watching some Youtube videos, but really interesting to do and was fascinated to see how it all worked. 

This knitting will probably be undone or just kept aside as a swatch sample - I'll definitely try some more though - I just LOVE these lovely colourful mittens on the front of the book - ME wants some!

Must dash now - I have to deliver my youngest's Bass Guitar to the school, as it's too heavy for him to carry - it's pretty heavy for me too!  I will cut a comical figure, walking out the road carrying this . . . 
He invested in a second-hand bass guitar with some of his birthday money recently - it's lovely to see him take up an instrument - I hope he will carry on, and maybe join  his big brother in some jamming sessions, which would be nice to see :D

Happy Monday!
Alison x

P.S.  I enjoyed my Sunday 'off' (Hebridean rules, hehe!) - back to blogging daily this week for Blogoberfest!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Autumnal . . .

For once, I remembered  to put my camera in my handbag yesterday, as I have a beautiful walk to the office which I thought I could document.  I love this time of year - season of mists, and mellow fruitfulness . . . and all that.  I'm very lucky to work in such a beautiful location . . . 

The trees haven't quite yet started to turn the beautiful autumnal colours, but when they do it looks quite stunning, and is quite a contrast to the rural landscape where I live.

I'm not sure whether I'll post tomorrow or not, being Sunday, I might consider taking the day off from Blogtoberfest and follow the traditional day of rest here in the Outer Hebrides.  Well, everything else closes here on Sunday, so perhaps I should close too, hehe :)  

I think I'm beginning to make up my own rules for Blogoberfest - well maybe just 'bending' them a little LOL - see you 'sometime' very 'soonish'!

Alison xx

Friday, 5 October 2012

W.I.P. and Day 5 (Blogtoberfest)

Today I'm showing a work in progress, from er . . . . the Summer holidays - approx. August - how time flies from one school term to the next, ooops!

I started this bag while on holiday, and even although it's progressed since I took the photos . . . it's still in a state of unfinished bliss!!  I was having a bit of a laugh decorating it with some crochet flowers I'd been making - when is less more, or is it the other way around, or when is more, more?????  I saw  the idea in a sewing book and realised it was just an oversized zipper pouch with handles attached - I had to have a go . . . 

. . . such a simple idea, I used some of my Japanese cotton fabrics to line it - attaching the handles was easy.  So why haven't I finished it?  I have absolutely no idea!!!!  Perhaps Blogtoberfest is reminding me to do some stuff I'd forgotten about.  Do you have long lost W.I.P.s?  

One at a time please, form an orderly queue to make your W.I.P. confessions here, ladies - thankyou :D

Alison xxx

Thursday, 4 October 2012

my creative space . . . just a little peek

Just a 'quickie' post today - I'm a woman on a mission, and that mission is to fill my shop with 'tweedie' goodness during the month of October - Blogtoberfest and Stocktoberfest are running in tandem, hehe :D

Here's a little sneaky peak of what I was up to this week in my new creative space - having easy access to my sewing machine is definitely affecting my 'crafty' activity . . . 

I'm now off to take some pics of  some 'tweedie' products to put on my website - I'm not telling you where I've hidden my stash of new camera batteries - you might tell my boys, who might borrow them for their Games Controllers and then I'd be back to Square One - so, I'll keep schtum in the meantime and get on with my subterfuge 'tweedie' activities :) :)  Sssssshhhhh - top secret!

Alison xx

P.S.  Seemingly it's National Poetry day today, so . . . . . here's my ode to My Creative Space!

Each Thursday, we all love to join with My Creative Space,
for crafty-folk around the globe, it's a truly wondrous place :)
From knitting to macrame, and crochet to origami, 
. . . just grab your chair and fill a cuppa,
to see what these lovely crafty-folk are uppta!!

Oh dear! I hope I haven't put you off your crafting today ladies LOL.

'See' you tomorrow - Day 5 of Blogtoberfest - Oh My :) :)
Alison x

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Woollie Wonder and the Missing Beanies

Having got used to my double pointed knitting needles, I found myself at the end of last week with nothing to occupy them with while I was waiting for my sock yarn to arrive.  Well, having discovered the awesomeness of knitting in the round I had to keep the momentum going, so I thought I'd have a go at a knitted beanie from a pattern from Ravelry.  Yes, I do seem to be going through a particularly enthusiastic crafty curve at the moment (better roll with it, hehe!).  

Now that I have to post every day you are going to be subjected to every last detail of my crafty existence - sorry!!  I didn't intend to post all my knitting adventures too, but here goes :)  Last year I learnt how to make crochet beanies, and my teenage son was delighted with his, but I thought I'd like to make a knitted version this year, so here it is . . . my Woollie Wonder . . .(so named because I WONDER who'll wear it, haha) . . .

It's not the beanie-shape I hoped for or expected - but it DID work.  I'm just trying to find someone to wear it in the family now!  I have another couple of patterns for beanies from Ravelry which I might give a go - I'm becoming an ardent Ravelry fan, it's great to find out other people's experiences with a pattern before you go head first into trying it out yourself :)

Here are a couple of last year's crochet beanies which I made as Xmas presents for my Sis and her boyfriend - the terrible thing is that they got lost in the post (the beanies, not my sis and her boyfriend - silly!!! :)) . . .

I made them with some gorgeous Noro yarn - the first time I'd ever used it - beautiful stuff!   Well, they never turned up and in the festive-frenzie, I forgot to put a Sender's address on the back of the package - guess who won't be doing that again :(  Somebody, somewhere is wearing my Noro beanies - I hope you've enjoyed them, whoever you are!!!!  I'll be trying Noro again though this year - it is such lovely yarn, gorgeous colours.  

I'll be putting a Sender's address on whatever item I send/make, with it, though - so no FREE Noro beanies or Noro 'anything-else' this year, sorry!!! :D

Bye for now
Alison x

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Where are my batteries!!!

Who stole my batteries?, is a common cry in our house.  With two boys who both enjoy playing on Games consoles, they are constantly sneaking off with the batteries in my camera for their Games controllers - Grrrrrrrrr!  Today I have the dilemma of whether to take a wholesome walk to the local shop to buy more batteries, or to wait for my Other Half to buy some in town and bring them home at tea-time, while I, in the meantime, get down to more stock-making.   

Hmmmmm, dilemma - I should really go on to The Audience (current TV programme for people facing personal  dilemmas) - it's very surreal, but I kind of like it - 50 people follow you  around for a day and try and sort out your dilemma for you - how handy would that be LOL :)  You have to see it to understand it - it appeals to my sense of the bizarre though!  (Perhaps my dilemma isn't quite life-changing enough though, hehe!)

Anyhow, I managed to squeeze enough juice out of the camera this morning to take a couple  of snaps  of my finished 'tweedie' pouches - they've only been waiting a month, but I was waiting for some hand-made labels to arrive in the post (that's my excuse and I'm  sticking to it!) . . . 

I'm thinking of taking part in Blogtoberfest this month - an annual blogging festival where you have to post every day for a whole month.  Am I mad?  Obviously, because I probably need this like a hole in the head, but it sounds like fun - not sure how I'll deal with my two working days yet, I'm not very 'savvy' about scheduling posts :)  You can take part here if you're also mad! :) 

I should also call this month Stocktoberfest, as I'm hoping to stock up my Big Cartel shop to the rafters for C_______ mas (ssshhhhh!) - poor Etsy will have to take a back seat as I feel I can only concentrate on one online shop, so I'm devoting all my efforts to my main shop, which I've had a nice trickle of orders from recently.  I also prefer Big Cartel's interface and your products don't suddenly disappear if you've forgotten to renew them as you have to in Etsy - aaargh!

Must dash - 'Little S' forgot a fork for his school packed lunch and his class are going to be running around the village before lunch to practice for Cross-country - if I'm  smart I might catch him as he runs past our house and I can give him his fork for his dinner!

See you every day  for a  month???!!!***
Alison x

P.S.  I will host a Giveaway at some point during October to tie in with Blogtoberfest - might as well go the whole hog, hehe :) :)

Monday, 1 October 2012

A space of my own . . . be it ever so humble :)

For the last few years (almost six to be exact!) I've utilised various corners of my home for my 'tweedie-making' business.  I've always had a dedicated admin-work space in a corner of the living room which serves me very well, a large cupboard to store all my tweed, another corner of a room where I store all my crafty bits and bobs, but not a 'crafty' work-space as such.  It's been  adequate up to a point, but lately I've felt the need to have my own specific area.  

Last week I took the plunge, and with just a few minor changes managed to hi-jack a fair chunk of one of the rooms, which has enabled me to at least have the whole length of the room to myself, with lots of wall space and most importantly room for a work-desk which could double as a surface for my sewing machine if I so wish.

It's still in the process of being organised (as you can see!), but I've now at least dedicated a specific area, which is a good start . . .

. . . a work-desk at last (look, there's a chair, just to prove it, hehe!).  Photographs of my boys . . . well, just because :)  Sorry about the dark pics, but maybe it's just as well - I don't want you to look too closely LOL :D

. . . and my trusty 'tweedie' girls, who help me cutting out my fabric, sewing, tidying up, etc. (Oh, I wish, LOL!!!) to keep me company while I work . . .

My craft books have found a place beside my vintage Singer sewing machine (which belonged to my late mother) - there are more craft books in various locations still though :)

The rather odd looking posters on the wall are wallcharts which were issued in the Guardian Weekend over a number of months and have beautiful illustrations of various nature themes eg. seashells, butterflies, wild flowers, etc.  We've kept them for years so I've decided to use them to decorate my wall space for the moment at least (or perhaps just to mark my territory temporarily, if truth be told, hehe!!!)

I do like to use organic themes in my work from time to time though, too :)
I'll possibly add a cork inspiration board and perhaps a little shelf for some crafty nick-nacks, but it won't be transformed into a super-duper dedicated sewing-room (I am just sharing this room after all - ooops, I almost forgot!). It will be, however, a little space of my own to create, to think, browse through my craft-books and to knit, to crochet . . . and to sew of course!

I think me and the 'tweedie-girls' will be very happy in our new creative space :)

Happy Monday!  (I'm off to enjoy my new, much-loved, humble 'craft-space') Byeeee :)
(Och, I suppose I will HAVE to do a little housework first though - Paaahhhh!)

Later-gaters :)
Alison x