Saturday, 22 August 2009

Back from the Gig!

While it's still fresh in my mind a brief summary of today's music festival craft market:

Ooooh, I've always fancied having a 'booth' at a craft market and here they all are, lined up neatly in a row - aren't they cute?

A close up shot of my stall - I made the spangly hearts especially for the fair, although I promised myself I didn't have time to make any more stock.

A nice day out, a few sales and some good music. I can't ask for more than that and I'm giving myself extra 'brownie' points for effort, considering that it was the week the kids went back to school and I was feeling shattered! It was a really well organised musical event and the stewards were attentive in looking out for the stall holders and that everything was OK for us - I even got sprayed with midge repellent by a kind steward!!

Quite a fun venue and nice to chat to a few folk about my 'tweedie' wares and to sell a few bits and pieces. Let's face it people don't go to a music festival to buy crafts so making the few sales I did was quite appreciated. Next year I'll have to wear my flowery wellies as my feet got a bit soggy in the boggy ground - seasoned festival go-er I ain't!!

Have a lovely weekend :)


Jennifer Rose said...

you stall looks good, nicely arranged :)

glad it went all right. and you are right, hard to make sales when its a music festival as people usually just want to listen to the music.

theothermousie said...

Your stall looks lovely - & sales too - well done!! Glad to hear you were well looked after too xx

janet said...

those stalls are so pretty! Thanks for sharing your day with us ;-)

florcita said...

Well, positive outcome, right?? Loooove those booths! so well organized everything!
I had never heard about midges... part of the scottish fauna?? hahaha
Now relax!

Tweed Delights said...

You will have to come to Scotland, Mariana, to experience our wonderful midge, hehe :)

Swirlyarts said...

It sounds like you had a good day out and it got your name out there and you made some sales too! And yes the booths did look pretty :)