Saturday, 8 August 2009

Getting Back to Work - Yippee!

I declare this weekend as 'Getting Back to Work'! Well, if you can call 'crafting' work, I find it a pretty inviting prospect myself, but in terms of putting my own website back to accepting orders (Whoa! Don't all rush at once - hehe!!) and generally getting back to thinking where I'm going with it all. I've kept my Etsy shops open as I was really wanting to concentrate on filling them up a bit.

I've spent the last couple of days playing around with the new camera which is pretty much an exact replacement for the one we had. But why do they make them so 'tiddly', that's what I want to know? Perhaps we'll all slowly evolve into tiny little people in order to comfortably use all these tiny little gadgets!! I don't know - anyway, it seems to have all the features, tweaks and knobs that the old one had, which I never used!, but it did take good photos so hopefully this one will too.

Been giving my little business a bit of thought and streamlining things a bit - down to concentrating on my original website, my two Etsy shops and putting occasional stock into my local Art Gallery shop. I think that's quite enough for 'little old me', thank you very much!!

Here's to creativity and having fun - 'cos' if it ain't fun it ain't worth it! That's my pearl of wisdom for today!

Finally, a fond farewell to my old Canon Powershot - we loved you - RIP! Hubby can use you for his fishing trips and the like, hehe!

Off to dig out my crafting tools to finish off the last of my Gallery order (on a 'Sale or Return' basis by the way) and to doing lots of lovely uninspiring domestic chores!

Have a fun, relaxing weekend :)


Jennifer Rose said...

like I said they make them small for girly girls to put in their purses :p

I'm just now starting to use all the features on our camera, powershot A710is. it takes great photos, just have to ask hubby sometimes what some of the settings do lol

Tweed Delights said...

Hi Jennifer - just noticed you were using a 'Canon Powershot' on Flickr. They are really great cameras and I'm the same - my Other Half has to instruct me on all the technical stuff! :)

Jennifer Rose said...

it is a great camera, and not too tiny that I feel like I will lose it lol