Monday, 10 August 2009


No, not my house, unfortunately - I wish!! Just these 3 little butterflies and ladybugs, which are pretty much the last of the order I've been working on, on and off, over the last two weeks. Just the spots to add and a little decorative work on the features. These are really hard work to make, but they look nice when they're all finished and packaged up.

It's a crafter's dilemma, I think, reproducing designs. It's always great fun to come up with the idea, do the little doodles in your notebook, do a prototype and Voila! Then you get asked to make 5 of each design - which is great, and at the same time a hard slog. My 'tweedies' seem to have sold quite well over the Summer in the Gallery shop which makes me think it's an aspect of my business I shouldn't neglect. I just keep getting side-stepped into creating new designs and generally having too much fun crafting - eeek!

My 'Other Half' is at this very minute cutting out a toy gun from plywood in the Garage for 'Little S' - I know, it's not very PC! At least it will be made from wood and there's a bit of creativity involved. Boys will be boys!

(Please don't send me hate-mail 'cos my kids play with toy-guns, they're very nice boys - honest!!)

Bye for Now :)


Erin said...

How could anyone send hate mail to a woman who is in love with tweed? SO genteel.

Tweed Delights said...

Thanks Erin!! I feel so much better, hehe :)

Swirlyarts said...

You bad mother you ;) Hee hee! My girls used their Barbies the other day to bash each other on the heads - if it's there they will use it for violence!

Jennifer Rose said...

I don't have a problem with guns of any kind as long as kids are taught real ones are not toys. and they could paint the wooden ones all kinds of colours :)

june at noon said...

There is an author/psychologist who says that if you don't give boys toy guys to play with, they will make them themselves with sticks because it's just part of their nature. I figure it's just another one of those things you do along with some good teaching, that's all. :)

I'm not surprised your tweedies are selling well. Productions lines are the consequence, I suppose. Good luck!

Anonymous said...