Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Back from the City!

Hello peeps! I've been back to the croft for a few days now - I must have missed my crafting though as I've busy 'making' since my return (more on that later!)

We had a lovely break and really enjoyed our brief stay in Edinburgh. I remember when a city-break used to mean a visit to a few art galleries, going to see the latest movie, perhaps some high street shopping, and if we were feeling really flush - going to see our favourite musician/band in concert - ah, these were the days! Nowadays it means spending two days in an unused quarry watching our offspring climbing to their hearts content . . .

The sole reason of our city break was to take the boys to this fantastic indoor climbing arena, just a few miles from the city-centre. As we knew we'd be visiting the climbing centre over a couple of days we stayed a couple of miles away from it rather than having to travel to and fro from Edinburgh each day - this worked out pretty well, but it was more of an outward bound trip as opposed to a city-break. Well, that's what happens when you have kids I guess!!

The arena is a brilliant place, really quite stunning - it is the largest in the world I'm told - and is built into the side of a disused quarry, hence my earlier comment! People fly in from all over the world to use it and I can see why.

It felt a little like being in a different galaxy (in a nice way!) - had a great cafe, and it was lovely just to wonder around - also a very scenic canal walk into the nearest village of Ratho, which I enjoyed, so something to keep everyone happy :) I didn't do any climbing myself, but I'm quite inspired to give it a try, so . . . next time maybe :D

We did manage to get into the city centre on our last day and visited Waterstones book shop (a must for us book-deprived islanders!) and the Outdoor shop next door - I told you life has changed 'post-children'. I spotted a couple of crafty books I'd had my eye on and ordered them online on my return (sorry Waterstones, oops!!). No, I didn't get to visit Top Shop or visit a nice Gallery, I think that's a different holiday altogether - perhaps I should start planning that one, hehe :D

I've been quite 'crafty' as I mentioned since I got back - must have had withdrawal symptoms!! I have quite an interesting post for 'my creative space' tomorrow, but in the meantime I whipped up a little zipper purse the same size as the one I made myself as I thought it was such a handy size - I've added it here.

See you tomorrow if you're 'around' - Byeeee :D

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