Saturday, 9 May 2009

Back to 'Blogland' - yum!

OK, my two week 'sabbatical' from blogging isn't quite up, but I decided to return at the weekend, which is the time I feel most disposed to blogging! One definition of 'sabbatical' according to Wikipedia is: "In recent times, a sabbatical has come to mean any extended absence in the career of an individual in order to achieve something. In the modern sense, one takes a sabbatical typically to fulfill some goal, e.g., writing a book or traveling extensively for research." I'm liking this term, sabbatical - I think we all deserve one on a regular basis!

Well, I didn't write a book and I didn't travel (unfortunately!), but I did manage to step back from my blog in order to decide how to continue with it - well that's an 'achievement' in my book! After a week or so of 'dodgy back' syndrome, a couple of larger custom orders on the cards, and a close eldery relative recuperating from a fairly major operation, I decided to lay down my 'blogging pen' for a little while. (Just for the record, my offer of 'domestic help' to my in-laws, was met with much good-natured guffaws of laughter - I can't think why??!!!).

Anyhow, I was surpised at how much I missed my blog, even for that short period, but it's made me decide that I may possibly have to cut back on my posts or even just abbreviate them in order to make time to build up my stock and just get down to making, making and more making!! I've accumulated some lovely fabrics and other materials recently which I'm really looking forward to utilising - I will write up a post soon, as I had a lovely experience using Morag Lloyds new designer fabrics, which I'll show in my next post. You can see a quick preview of one of the pincushions I made using her super fabric (shown above) - such cute illustrations! This one's in my Etsy shop.

For this weekend, I'm going to drool over these lovely embroidery threads that came in the post yesterday and browse through my recent copy of 'Sew Hip' (I'm not actually going to do any embroidery, I'm just going to look at them!!) - Yum!

Have a lovely weekend!

(Perhaps longer, more meaningful posts on a weekly basis are the answer - ooops, I think I hear "zzzzzzz's!!")


Jennifer Rose said...

*steals thread and runs away* ;p

its looks so pretty all in a pile :)
welcome back to blog land

28parkave said...

Thanks and so looking forward to seeing everything else that you make..

florcita said...

Love all those colors!!! beautiful threads.
I tend to write a lot and I have noticed that people rather shorter posts and not every single day. I mean, I have around 300blogs in my bloglines feed. If people posted every single day, then I wouldn't have time to read and comment on everyone. So, don't worry about it... a few times a week is fine, it shouldn't turn into a worry or a hassle.

Hope your back is doing better!

Tweed Delights said...

Thanks all! Good to be back in 'blogland' : )

Swirlyarts said...

Sometimes it's tricky to balance everything isn't it? You will find a way to make it all balance out eventually - let me know when you do as I am still trying to balance everything!!