Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sunday's Nature Walk

Along the road today I came across . . .

Cuckoo Flower (or Lady's Smock), so called as it flowers at the same time as the cuckoo starts to call. I love these wild flowers as they remind me of my childhood - my late mother knew all the names of the local wild flowers (also in Gaelic). I do have a lovely book with the names of wild flowers in Gaelic - somewhere!!

Our family croft is very boggy and wet but was a perfect habitat for wildflowers like Ragged Robins, Marsh Marigolds and Lady's Smock. I'm not sure that people now know the names of wildflowers as the previous generation were far more in tune with nature than we are now, which is a pity.

There's a nice resource here of wildflowers in the Western Isles which I've just come across! (some with the Gaelic translation)

Have a nice Sunday!


Jennifer Rose said...

very pretty :D Have never seen that type of flower before
it is sad that the names of the flowers are being forgotten :( lots of old names of things are being forgotten :(

Tweed Delights said...

Hi Jennifer, they are quite plentiful here - I love all the names of these wildflowers. I was delighted to come across the website with all the names of the local flowers! If I hadn't done this post, I probably wouldn't have come across it : )

florcita said...

BEautiful flowers. I love wild flowers, they look happier than the neat, trimmed flowers of super big garden centres.

I couldn't agree more with you about people today being cut off from nature and not knowing a thing about it. Pity.