Saturday, 16 May 2009

Morag Lloyds Lovely Fabrics!

On my little blogging break recently, I purchased some lovely new designer fabric from Morag Lloyds new range. This was her first print run of fabrics and I was really excited when I was told that they were finally on sale in her Etsy shop. I had vaguely followed Morag's journey from having her illustrations transferred to fabric, via her Twitter stream. So, when the final fabric arrived, I almost felt as though I'd followed the whole process from start to finish.

It was really exciting to have original fabric designed by an artist I admired, delivered to my doorstep. I felt very priveleged, and was almost too terrified to cut into my fabric swatches! I had previously purchased a small piece of artwork from Morag - I really love her West Coast/Hebridean themes. (See needle-felted hanging below)

So far, I have only managed a couple of experimental pieces, using Morag's fabrics, both items available in my Etsy shop:

I added a Harris Tweed fabric button as an extra embellishment onto the second pincushion design:

I really enjoyed using the fabrics with my Harris Tweed and the themes of the print worked really well. I think the illustrations are fabulous and I love her use of colour and her humorous and quirky themes - fantastic! It's great for us crafters that talented artists are now allowing us to share in their creativity by transferring their work onto fabric - very exciting times!

I think these fabrics would also look lovely if used to make small purses, clutches, etc. For fabric addicts everywhere, you can purchase her fabrics here and here.

Her needle-felted pieces are available in her other Etsy shop here.


Anonymous said...

How nice to see your results with Morag's textiles - they've worked out very nicely :)

Best wishes to the windy isles :)

Swirlyarts said...

Oooooh they look great but I really can't buy any more fabrics - really!

Hah - the word verification is stags - just thought you might like to know!

Jennifer Rose said...

lovely fabric :D *stares at empty wallet* :/

that wall hanging is gorgeous. great colours on it

Michelle said...

How special that you have followed her journey, and are now using the fabrics in your own work.

florcita said...

love those fabrics! And great use you've given them!

28parkave said...

What a lovely blog thank you so much!!
I have loved working with you, I hope to see many more creations from Tweeddelights from my fabrics..for me it has been so much fun to see my designs change into something else and go on to have another little life as something new,the pincushions are made so well and to such a high standard.
Thank you so much ;-)

Tweed Delights said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments - it is lovely to work with your fabric, Morag - a real pleasure :)

Muddlepud said...

Great fabrics, and I like how you've incorporated them with your tweedy bits too. :)