Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Eye Candy

Woo hoo!! At last I've found a use for my lovely but small stash of printed fabrics. Having got the shape of the birdie softie sorted on Saturday, I decided to make a few yesterday in different fabrics. I'm really pleased with the results as I've been playing around with the idea of mixing printed cottons with Harris Tweed for a while now. I think the lavender-filled birdies have worked best so far. I'm loving seeing all the different prints together!

They are all backed with different colours of Harris Tweed and although designed to be viewed from the printed side, I quite like the birdie silhouette on the tweed reverse. It's quite nice when an idea comes together eventually!! These will be bound for the craft fairs and are a possibility for Etsy too, if I get the time to do so.

Enough designing, back to cutting out Harris Tweed 'Beach Ball' panels now - it's so tempting to go off on these experimental projects - eeeks!

Edited to add: I have added the softie-birds to my own website here!


Anonymous said...

they are lovely little birdies

Tweed Delights said...

Thankyou! It's lovely to work with different fabrics :)

Jennifer Rose said...

they look so colourful all line up like that in a row :D

Jade Creative said...

Nicely done. Love the fabric combos and patterns.
Have a great day!

florcita said...

I think they work really well! The printed side with the solid back ...it's 2 in 1!
Beautiful really... and they have lavander! lovely!

kellie said...

They look great - especially all lined up like that.

Muddlepud said...

What a lovely little grouping. I like all the colors, and lavender--yum!