Monday, 1 February 2010

Cute or What!

Is that snowman cute or what? 'Little S' was enjoying the snow at the weekend and I loved this snowy creation he made, complete with grass 'hair' - isn't he gorgeous in the sunshine, hehe!

The embroidered buttons are now listed in my Folksy shop along with some 'tweedie' seahorses which I really enjoyed making. An older idea given new life with the addition of some sequins!

Lots more 'tweedie' ideas and creations going on at the moment - I think I must have eaten something at the weekend to induce creativity! Pity I couldn't bottle it and keep it for these 'lost my mojo' days :)

I'll be back later in the week with some other stuff I've been working on - got to keep crafting now while the 'creativity' potion is still working!

P.S. I ordered some new stocks of Harris Tweed at the weekend - perhaps that's the magic potion!!


Aileen Clarke Crafts said... the sea horse. and your buttons are so cute too. Cute but stylish : )
Don't our chickadees do the sweetest things? I love their imaginations.

Swirlyarts said...

Those buttons are fab - love them! Buying supplies always gives me an inspiration. So much so I am heading to the scrapstore tomorrow :) Inspiration city here I come!

yardage girl said...

Very cute snowman, buttons and seahorse indeed! Nic

june at noon said...

So funny. Very clever to add the hair.

The seahorse is really cute, especially with the sequins. Great idea!

Biba said...

The most gorgeous buttons ever! I love the seahorse as well, but I must say that the greatest masterpiece in this post is your little boy's creation. Isn't it a pitty you can't keep it in the freezer...?

janet said...

your sea horses are wonderful!

Marion said...

VERY cute. He's a baby snowman!
Have fun with your new Harris tweed.

Jenifir said...

The buttons are beautiful -the embroidery brings out the texture of the tweed. Also the sequins against the tweed is a fabulous contrast. Enjoy your new inspiration (tweed order, of course)!

Twiglet said...

Tweed is so gorgeous for fabric work and you have some lovely things on your blog - especially the robin!!