Monday, 8 February 2010

Much Tweedieness

Lots of 'tweedieness' going on at the weekend - I thought I'd post a pic of these coasters I made, however, as they're nice and cheerful for a Monday morning. I'd had some blank coasters in from 'way back when' and decided to use them up at the weekend while the 'tweedie' frenzy was in full force! The hand-appliqued tweedie-flower pics are sealed in a plastic casing (hence the dodgy-looking reflective pics!) - perhaps not very environmentally friendly but hygienic (wipe clean) and should last a lifetime, you'll never need another coaster again!! Quite a nice way to use up tweed oddments too.

Lots of listing now of patch-work pincushions, coasters and even a little patchwork mini-cushion (or two, if I get my act together today!). More pics tomorow once the listings are up in my 'Home Decor' shop on Etsy. My youngest is keeping me company at home today with a case of the sniffles, so I'd better get on and spoil him a bit! :)

Happy Monday :)


janet said...

Ok...I'm getting tired of telling you how wonderful everything you make is....make something ugly!!!

Tweed Delights said...

Janet you are hilarious! I think it may have something to do with the wonderful 'raw material' I have to hand - it's kinda hard to go wrong with it, hehe! :D

Karin said...

They look great Alison. I love those simple little flowers.

Goodluck with the sniffles! I have been told by some very persuading toddlers last week that icecream is the best medicin for sniffles. Just thought I'd let you know :-)

june at noon said...

They look great, and such a great idea! Love it!

日月神教-向左使 said...