Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Oh Dear!

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster 'craftwise' - you know the kind I mean, you have a great idea to make something and it just doesn't turn out quite how you expected! I did plan to make some more items for my 'home decor' range, but with my youngest off poorly I decided to make something less time consuming. I thought, "how about a 'one-off' handcrafted Valentine's card for one of my online shops" - I've seen some lovely ones recently.

Well, it just didn't work out how I'd planned and looks more like a card which Charlie Brown would have given to 'the little red-haired girl' in 'Peanuts'!

I think I'll leave the handcrafted Valentine's cards to the experts in future! My heart obviously wasn't into this project and I have to say that it's not really my cup of tea, but I did try! I think it looks a bit better in 'real life' as the texture of the Harris Tweed itself is lovely of course, and I did hand-embroider the heart, lettering and sequins - Oh Dear, I'm really not convincing myself!!

If anyone would like this slightly 'cookie', handcrafted, tweedie Valentine card, I'll gladly post it off free-of-charge - I never want to see it again!! Just leave a comment to say if you'd like to receive the card (if there's more than one request, I'll do a quick draw around about tea-time (that's about 5-6 pm in our house!) TODAY - British time). I'll pop it in the post on Thursday at the very latest to the, em . . . lucky recipient! (if there is one!)

P.S. I have some lovey 'home-decor' items in my shop here - honest! Patchwork pincushions, coasters and mini-cushions are all added - now that's more my style, hehe :)

"Love is" knowing when to stop - Cheerio an Drasda!! :) I'd love to hear your interpretations of what "Love is"!

Edited to Add (5 pm): Sorry, time's up!! It was a long shot - my poor crafting disaster will have to remain so, and be added to the 'Crafting Disasters Hall of Fame'! :)


janet said...

Sorry....still not ugly!!!

Biba said...

I'm so sorry I missed the deadline! I actually love the card - it is Harris Tweed after all - and I wouldn't mind keeping it in my house (not only for Valentine's day!).
I think the idea is great - everything Harris Tweed-ie looks absolutely adorable!

Tweed Delights said...

Hi Mojca - the card is yours!! I will post it off as soon as possible! Hooray, it has found a lovely new owner, hehe! :D

Biba said...

Thank you so much! Oh, I'm one lucky girl! I'm so looking forward to receiving the card, I'll definitely display it in my home and post about it!!!

june at noon said...

I don't think it's so bad. I might lose the sequins, but I like the tweed and the stitching. Ah, well, craft "disasters" do happen. :)

red or gray art said...

i like the tweed and stitched heart..and "heart that went into it!