Saturday, 20 February 2010

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls!

Just in the process of making one of my art dolls this weekend, so I thought I'd show some work by talented doll-artists I admire from Flickr:

1. óculos cor-de-rosa, 2. wip's, 3. Little Mi (helping Haiti), 4. Nanà Papillon, 5. Handmade Doll "Audrey", 6. Chloe & Nola, 7. Little People Doll РGirl, 8. Os dois, 9. strawberry blonde

I'm too 'scared' to start on my one now, hehe! Have a great weekend! :)


Jenifir said...

If you are making art dolls are they not supposed to express what you want them to so however they turn out is good? Looks like good inspiration and a good start.

Tweed Delights said...

Absolutely Jenifer - I'm actually really looking forward to 'tucking in' to this one! :D

janet said...

I love the primitive looking dolls...these are all go create yours!!!