Friday, 19 February 2010

Giveaway Time!

This morning I posted off my first 'prototype' soft-toy kit to a good crafting friend (who very generously passes on some of her Selvedge magazines to me from time to time). So I guess this is a good a time as any to post pics of the final 'softie-kit'. I decided to start with the ladybird 'tweedie' as it's got quite a lot of interesting features but a nice simple body shape.

I packaged the kit in a similar way to my 'tweedies' soft toys and used some postcards of my 'beastie' tweedies which I got from Vistaprint a very long time ago. I was really pleased with the image at the time so thought it would be a nice idea to get postcards printed from the photograph and use them at craft fairs and to pop in with orders as a little 'freebie'. I only have a few of the postcards left so while I'm waiting for some more to arrive, it seems like a good idea to do a Giveaway!

Sorry, but the 'softie' ladybird is NOT included in the kit - you have to make him yourself!! I changed some of the elements of the original design to adapt it to kit form. The skill level is aimed at those with good basic handsewing skills and maybe a little embroidery knowledge if you wish to sew the features on, rather than using fabric glue. (Toy stuffing is included with the kit, by the way)

So here's the deal - I'm offering one of my NEW ladybird 'softie' kits up for grabs. In addition to the the softie-kit, I will pop a Harris Tweed patchwork cushion in too (pick a colour!).

To enter the Giveaway, just leave me a comment saying which is your most favourite item from either my Etsy shops (there are 2!) or my Folksy shop. I'll leave the Giveaway open until mid-day (British time) on Monday 1st March. Winner to be announced by 3 pm on the same day.

Pheeeeeeew!:) Hope I didn't miss anything out! Cheerio an Drasda :)

Oooops! - it's open to anyone in the world, of course!! :D


Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Lovely kits!!
Hmmm......favourite item......Pin cushion or phone pocket?.........Pin cushion or phone pocket?..........Pin cushion or phone pocket?...........or covered buttons?...............Pin Cushion :)

janet said...

Woohoo...a giveaway! OK Alison, you know I love everything you do. I really love my little bumblebee..he is my favorite he is so darn Bee-ueautiful ;-)
Consider me entered!

Biba said...

I'm in with Aileen - I have a big problem, I can't decide between the phone pocket and the pin cushion. But, in the end, I think I'll go for the pin cushion, as it is more colourful. I love all your products, it's really really difficult to pick just one!!!

Great soft toy kits, as well!

Jenifir said...

I think the pincushion in pinks is my favourite although I love all you do. I am so happy to have an opportunity to enter your giveaway! The ladybug is very cute and is a perfect kit. I would still be interested in a frog kit btw.

june at noon said...

Oh, that's almost too tough a question! I think the pincushions have to be my favorite, though, and don't ask me to choose a color, because I like them all!

Jennifer Rose said...

I love the dino here :)
the kit looks really nice all put together :)

Friendliest Ghost said...

Awww, I know lots of people are having trouble picking, but the pastel blue/orange tweedie dinosaur is my favorite!

Digital Misfit said...

I adore Harris tweed - the texture is so unique.
My favorite item from your shops? Hmmm
I love the Harris Tweed Coasters, but I think the Moon Monsters are my favorite. The lil yellow guy just steals my heart.


Woollywotnots said...

Hi Alison, the kit looks great. I love your presentation. My favourite item are the Harris tweed bears. Cheerio, Woollywotnots

Leah said...

Your ladybird is really cute.

I love your little beige seahorse, with any of the dinosaurs a close second.

And it would have to be the pink pincushion for me!

Jennie said...

The kit looks wonderful - great idea!!

Meagan @ecoMILF said...

The pocketphone is my fave. Thanks for the giveaway!! xo

Marie said...

I love your work (and Harris Tweed) and it's really hard to choose something specific but the Harris Tweed Seahorse (Beige)is adoreable and I love seahorses!

Diane said...


Seahorses are my favorite sea creature, and I love the powder blue one. :o)


Jo said...

Wow - giveaway!!! The kit looks so fantastic. I'm having trouble deciding on a favourite too but I think it has to be the mobile phone pouch.