Monday, 15 February 2010

Thinking aloud again . . .

I was taking a photo of this envelope which 'Little S' handed to me yesterday (actually he sellotaped it to a paper plane and 'flew' it into the living room, to be exact!) I like how he wrote 'to Alison' on it, instead of Mum - he doesn't usually call me by my first name so I think he was trying to be 'grown up', very sweet! I loved the stamp too :)

Underneath, the scribbles on my note book . . .

I've had it in the back of my mind for quite a while to make one or two of my 'tiny-tweedies' into soft-toy kits - the ones which are less fiddly to make, ie. possibly the ladybird and the froggie. These doodles were a quick note to myself which I'd forgotten about until I took the pic of the envelope on top - now my blog is reminding me what I'm supposed to be doing - cool!!

What do you think about soft toy kits - any thoughts?

Off now to put the washing machine on. The good news is I got a new one last week (I've been trying to break the old one for 8 years - I hated it!!) The bad news is that I've got a week and a half of laundry to catch up on since the old one clapped out! :(

Happy Monday!


Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Commiserations on the washing's getting it all dry that I despair of. I hate washing drying screen thingys cluttering up the house.
The kits are a great idea. Check out Folksy for other peoples kit ideas. They seem to be good sellers. Be great for fairs I'd say. people love to have a go at stuff themselves.

Tweed Delights said...

Thanks Aileen - will do that :)

janet said...

Another great idea Alison..I have been toying with an idea of the same nature. Many are asking if I have patterns for my yarn work. I might look into developing some...PDF is pretty no cost to me. Good luck (although I know your kits will be fab).
your friend,
PS...I like Little S

june at noon said...

How cute, your "air mail." :)

I think you might do well with some toy kits. There are lots of people out there who like the end product but don't want to do ALL of the prep work or thinking through, so this would be a nice in-between for them. You take out some of the thinking and effort, they get the satisfaction of having made something.

Jenifir said...

The kits are a great idea! I think some of us would also like pincushion kits too. In some parts of the world it is difficult to source the tweed and could use some of your scraps and therefore be fairly economical to produce. Your tweed dreams are why you need that notebook at hand at all times!
It took ten years for my old washing machine to die and now I still love my new one but can relate to the catch-up pile.

Tweed Delights said...

That's a cute idea Jenifir - thankyou! :D