Sunday, 20 June 2010

After the Event . . .

Well, we made it . . . . to the event, and back again! For someone like me who is not really used to rushing about on a Saturday morning, it seemed like a real achievement to get there and set up, when I would normally be 'lolling about' over my breakfast in a leisurely fashion at home! I'm quite good at 'lolling about' :)

. . . a pic of my stall with 'makeshift' banner, which I think gave it an added 'tweedie' appeal! (The table was a little longer than I expected but a little length of tweed underneath would have sorted that out - note for next year!)

I decided to do a 'Name the Dinosaur' competition with one of my 'prototype' dinosaurs which has been languishing in my craft space at home for far too long!! This was a really fun thing to do, and I'm looking forward to contacting the lucky winner (contact details were added to the sheet along with a chosen name for the 'Dino'). I thought it added an extra fun dimension to the stall - there's nothing like a bit of interaction with the 'kiddies'! Quite a few of them wanted to walk away with him there and then :)

'Little S' was spending my 'takings' as soon as they were coming in on tattoos and burgers and all sorts of silly paraphenalia, but it was that sort of day!

. . . it was really a family event for the most of the afternoon - lots of kids running around with painted faces - which was nice to see :)

. . . and the lovely backdrop of the Lews Castle

All, in all - a good day out, enough sales to make it worth my while, and really another experience to tuck under my belt. This music festival event has lots of fun possibilities, so if I'm invited to attend next year (there are only a small group of us crafters who attend), I'll be a little more prepared in advance, with some more smaller, fun gift ideas. It's a lovely event to do, so I hope to make a return next year :) (with another dinosaur!!)

(P.S. Yes, and the music was excellent too - I even managed to have a beer! However I did manage to get myself burnt to a frazzle - silly moo! I retired a little earlier than planned to rest my poor sunburnt face - who needs to visit the 'face-painting' tent when you can look like a burnt tomato with no effort at all - ooops, I knew I'd forget something on my list, eg. sun cream!!)


Swirlyarts said...

Oooops for the sunburn! Your stall looks fab and I love the dino - he is very cute!

dash robin said...

sounds like a splendid day out! my sons always spend my sales too when they come along w me to markets-i get them to bring along pencils and paper now and they sell drawings-works a treat, they spend thier earnings instead ;o)

Tweed Delights said...

Oh now, I do like that idea!!! Many thanks :) He can spend his own well-earned cash then!

janet said...

So happy you had a fun time..I knew you would be a hit. Love the Dino!

PS...note for next year....SUNSCREEN!

ArtMind said...

I always take sunblock to me when I go to a fair and the sun is shining.
Nothing worse then looking and feeling like a lobster! ;)
Glad you had such a great time and I love the dinosaur idea!

yardage girl said...

The name the dino was a cracker (as is the dino himself)! Glad it was worth your while! Nic

Biba said...

Oh, I love your stall, so cheerful with all the colours! The 'Dino' looks great as well!

Marion said...

Ditto to all the above. Your stall looked really inviting - so colourful. And you banner was well worth the making.