Sunday, 27 June 2010

Summer Giveaway

Hooray - the Summer hols are almost here! Our kids break up for their school hols next week, so it's probably a good time to do a Giveaway as blogging/crafting/networking time may be a little reduced. In any case, I don't really need a good excuse for a Giveaway, but these are some little 'tweedie' leftovers from my craft stall last Saturday. It's unlikely that I'll be doing many, or any, craft fairs at all for the rest of the year so I thought I'd offload some stuff!

You can enter my Giveaway wherever you are in the world - just leave a comment saying what you would do with this little collection of 'tweedies' (tweedie seahorse, tweedie fish, mini-matryoshka and little lavender sachet).

I'll keep the Giveaway open until Thursday midday (GMT), and announce a winner later on that day - Cheerio an Drasda :)


yardage girl said...

Oh summer, how I miss thee! What a lovely giveaway - your tweedy toys are beautiful and if I won I will be sharing them with my Little Mister and my two neices, but keeping the lavender sachet for me! Nic

Karin van D. said...

Here the summer vacation is approaching quickly too. Are you going away this summer or staying home?

Those tweedies are very cute. If I'd win them, I don't think I would have anything to say about them from the moment they'd arrive. I think they would be in a certain room of this house in a heartbeat, tucked into a little bed or held by some little arms, while being sang too by a little girl's voice. But hey, they could do worse, couldn't they? ;-)

Diane said...

Hi from New England. :o)

The little fish would go to my sea-loving boy, the doll, to my little girl, and the lavender sachet, to my Mom, who loves lavender and is in the Alzheimer's unit of a nursing home - she still has a great 'nose' and loves wonderful scents and Scottish things. I would just cherish the sea-horse for myself, because they're my favorite! :)


Amaranta said...

Well, I just want them to adorn my bookcase, I really like them maybe do a little mobile with them.

meherio68 said...

They woud all look wonderful on the antique, bamboo style coat-hanger at the door of my living-room! Nudge, nudge...

Biba said...

Seahorse & fish - bathroom decoration; matryoshka - bag charm; lavender sachet - I'd probably go for bag charm as well!

mairi said...

Hello, what beautiful tweedies.
I start my first teaching post in August teaching an infant class of 23 5 and 6 year olds.
The little tweedie seahorse, fish and mini-matryoshka would make wonderful story starter inspirations for the little ones, while also teaching them about the many uses of Harris Tweed.
The lavender sachet I think would help keep me calm and focused in my open-plan classroom :o)

Florcita said...

Youa re so generous! Always having give aways!
I want that lavender sachet for my wardrobe! I love those.
All your tweedies are beautiful. I have the christmas ornament you send actually hanging from the door of our cupboard and everybody thinks it's so cute... ( I can bring my self to tear the "Harris Tweed" label off! ahahaha it gives authenticity! :)).
Good luck in the holidays!

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Did I miss your Giveaway!!! : (
Oh, well, I'd probably want to keep them all. Maybe string them all together and hang them in my work space...which is also my kitchen at the moment so everyone coming in would see them and I'd tell them all about you : )
I'd possibly share one with my son and daughter...if they were extra good and asked nicely : ) My son would want the fish and my daughter would want the doll.