Monday, 20 April 2009

Blue Skies!

We had beautiful, sunny skies here in the Hebrides over the weekend . . .

. . . so I decided to go out with my butterfly-net and capture a few more butterflies for the shop . Discovered this cute little pair, so decided to release them into the sanctuary straight away!

The littlest one is extremely tiddly - about 3 inches across, but very sweet . . .

Sssshhhh - whisper, in case you frighten him away - hehe!

Off to go and capture a few more now! By the way, if Sarah my Giveaway winner is reading, pleeeease contact me with your contact details in the next few days. Otherwise I will have to do a redraw - I'll try again on Thursday of this week if I don't hear anything from my winning commenter. So, hurry Sarah!!

Think I'll get 'Little S' to pick numbers out of a hat if I have to do it again!! Eeeeks!

Hope you had a lovely weekend - Bye for Now!

1 comment:

Jennifer Rose said...

gorgeous view :D clear blue sky here too

love the little butterfly :D