Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A Moose in the Hoose

Sorry my blog has been a little quiet of late - I've been trying not to sit for pro-longed periods at my laptop, but not managing very well! A little bit of new 'tweedies' designing going on - I don't need much encouragement for me to go off onto a new project and a suggestion of making 'tweedie' pet-toys got me into redesigning mode which I really enjoyed, as it's been a while since I came up with any new 'tiny-tweedies' (my soft-toy collectables).

This little moose was an idea for a pet's toy but I quite like it as a 'softie/plush' in it's own right. It's 4.5 inches long and has hand-embroidered features, which were necessary if it were used as a cat's toy.

A little fishie-tweedie (or a shark-tweedie!!) came next, which I left quite simply embroidered as I though it might get heavy treatment too. However, I would probably add more scales or other detail for a 'softie' toy. Because of their simple shapes, it was really nice to use embroidery to add detail. It's a bit like drawing with a sewing needle! I think they would make fun, Hebridean, souvenir gifts - so they might land on a craft fair stall too.

I will probably add one or more of them to my own website soon, whether as 'softies' or pet-toys or both!! A nice order for my Harris Tweed Dinosaurs came my way this week, just as I was thinking of chilling out a bit and putting some items together for possible craft-fairs! Aint that always the way? - don't get me wrong though, I love orders!!

Off to do my sewing - Bye for now!

P.S. My little Giveaway prize is winging it's way to Canada as I type - so Goodbye little bumblebee and safe journey!!


Jennifer Rose said...

those look great the hand embroidery is a great touch :)

I really like the little fishy :D works really well for pets toys and human toys

Muddlepud said...

What sweet little tweedies! I like the embroidery as an extra touch. It doesn't look like it was terribly time-consuming, but it adds a little something special.