Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter!

More pics of next door's sheep! Having a lazy Easter Sunday today - might even get my dinner made for me! Easter hols almost over so back to serious 'tweedie' making next week.

I've been revamping my Etsy shop and converting it into a bit of a 'Sanctuary' for my 'tweedie-butterflies' and any other tweedies creations that might sneak in! I felt it needed a more co-ordinated look, rather than lots of Harris Tweed stuff bundled together in a higgledy-piggledy fashion! So I will add other items as well as 'butterflies', but they rule the roost for the time being - available in lots of different colours/patterns with their own names and numbers.

Giveaway still open until midnight on Wednesday, by the way!!
Hope the Easter Bunny is good to you!

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littlelovelies said...

Happy Easter!

I entered your giveaway the other day - I thought I would tell you that my giveaway started today - you can enter here.

x nadine
little lovelies