Saturday, 25 July 2009


Well, I can honestly say that I'm back on the 'crafting wagon'! My crafting area is all nice and tidy and as one of my nice commentors remarked, I would probably find lots of crafting goodies to inspire me in the process. And she was right! Some crafting supplies I had completely forgotten about reared their heads, from 'way back when'.

I was going to show you pics of my nice tidy storage area but I had so many photographs that I had to delete some off my camera - so you'll just have to take my word for it!! As I tend to craft in different parts of the house, this area is more for storage than actual crafting so it's not nearly as pretty as some of my fellow crafter's spaces! Anyhow, it's perfectly adequate, as long as I keep it tidy!

Anyway, it's all had the effect of blowing any cobwebs anyway, both literally and metaphorically speaking! I got some lovely crafting supplies in the post this week which launched me into making some new products. Some metal 'swivel clips' arrived which enabled me to make some 'Bag Charms' which I've fancied doing for a while. A little miniature butterfly 'softie' gave me the idea of making them - I then decided to make minatures of a whole lot of my 'Tiny-tweedies' soft toys and was really pleased with the results. Here they are:

They are quite tiddly at about 3 inches in size. I just redrew my original designs and they seemed to transfer remarkably well to their new, smaller versions. I've added some cute tartan ribbon to attach the swivel clip to the bag charms. This is the first day of my 'holiday break' proper, though you wouldn't guess!

I've added the four shown above to my Etsy shop tonight (the Teddy Bear one is personalisable by the way). No sooner had I added them, than I got word that I had been featured in this lovely blog here. Jill is a fellow Scottish crafter and I was quite delighted when she told me of her feature. So quite a productive day all round.

Sorry, my posts seem to be very business/shop-focused at the moment - it's just that I don't really have the time to blog about all the other daily goings on with my boys on their school hols. I'm still hoping to do a giveaway perhaps mid-week to celebrate my new Etsy shop . . . Oh, and all that tidying and sorting now too!!

Bear with me!

(Free Worldwide Shipping on my 'bag charms' by the way - OK, enough 'business talk'!!)


Swirlyarts said...

Cute - mini 'Tweedies' :)

Jennifer Rose said...

aww all are very cute but i really like the dino :)

june at noon said...

I'm glad you found all that organizing so useful. Sometimes a little reorganization is just the boost I need to find my missing craft energy. I've just reorganized my floss and now I have a million ideas! Oh, and I am in love with that little bee!

theothermousie said...

Awwww gorgeous little bag charms! It's the bee for me!! Glad you've found some inspiration - I love your work x

janet said...

Alison..I love your little cute. Don't worry, I enjoy your blog no matter what you write about ;-)