Tuesday, 28 July 2009

When the Going Gets Tough . . .

Who needs a dishwasher?

. . . the Tough get baking!! What on earth to do with an eight year old and a fourteen year old son for the whole of the Summer break is completely beyond me - when in doubt, make cake! Out came the packet mix today, after the arguments between playstations and TV were bringing me to the edge of insanity and the realisation that I had achieved nothing whatsoever of any value.

Betty Crocket's cake mix - quick fix for 'school holidays' insanity syndrome (doesn't help the dieting though!!)

At least you can 'see' a cake and it symbolises that you have actually achieved something, even if it was from a packet. It sure did rise though - goodness knows what was in the ingredients! 'Teenage Son' with the exquisite taste buds did confirm however that is tasted like 'packet mix' - that boy!!

I had hoped to get organised for my Giveaway today but as you can see we went a little 'off course' from the proposed schedule - hopefully by the weekend I will be sorted! Kids - sheeesh!


Swirlyarts said...

Oooooooh it does look delicious though :)

Jennifer Rose said...

that looks really good :D If it wasn't so late I think I would have to bake a cake lol :D

june at noon said...

Hooray for box mixes! And now I'm hungry.