Monday, 27 July 2009

Tell Me to Stop!

HELP! I can't stop crafting!! Two projects on the go yesterday - first one, these pincushions in this fab Kokka print. I couldn't resist the cute London-inspired print. They're both in the new shop.

Next, I was having a wee look at some oddments of fabric lying together and trying to think what to do with them. I'm always looking for ideas to use up my oddments, and these were just too pretty to ignore. I was thinking of flowers of some kind, a brooch possibly, I eventually came up with this rather crazy multicoloured flower!

I faffed around with it for a while before thinking that it could really be applied to any project as an embellishment, or added to an existing item eg. cushion, bag, scarf, hat, etc as a fun and funky 'tweedie' adornment. I've been working on a bit of packaging for it this morning as a craft accessory gift. The centre is one of my own fabric buttons.

Mad, bizarre, fun or funky, I'm not sure which but it's ready to go into the 'fun' shop, when I get time to list it. Would YOU use this 'tweedie' madness on one of your projects? I'd love to know! It's approximately 4.5 inches across (30 mm button), and definitely not for a shrinking violet type of crafter! A bold statement, I'd say!

Off to do the rest of my housework now - my craft area may be tidy but, er, um, the rest, well - better horse on!! I have to make my Giveaway prize yet - Eeeks!

Bye for Now!


june at noon said...

First, the pincushions are GREAT! I really like the fabric, and I like how you've been experimenting with tweed + other fabrics.

Second, I think the flowers are really nice. I like how you're finding ways to use your leftovers, and I think packaging them as embellishments for people to use as they wish is a great idea. I actually think quite a lot of people would use these.

Such fruitful crafting these days. Hurrah!

Tweed Delights said...

Thanks Gretchen - must have been all that tidying! It's unearthed a whole heap of new ideas :)

Jennifer Rose said...

I'd put the flower on a bag, probably a dark coloured bag so the colours really stand out :)

florcita said...

I think they are fun! Since I saw one of your tweeds here... a while was a very nice color combination, since then I've been thinking on how good tweed would go with felt... busy with other stuff now, but...someday.

That london fabric is so cute!