Saturday, 4 July 2009


It's another sunny day here in the Outer Hebrides, with a bit of a sea breeze just for comfort! As the sign says, I won't be doing much crafting today and over the weekend. Not just because of the sunny weather, but the backlog of 'stuff' I let build up in the run-up to the last craft fair - well, something had to go!

We're now in school summer holiday mode, so if my posts are a bit sporadic that's why! Not that I think we'll be going very far afield. Joke: "How do you get a Lewis man to go on holiday? Sabotage his fishing rods??" Hmmmm - perhaps not!

Maybe I should take shots of this sign in various sunny locations around the Western Isles - I can see how that could get really irritating though! Anyway it's the school holidays, so the heat wave is bound to come to an end soon!!

Have a lovely weekend, wherever you are!


Jennifer Rose said...

nice and sunny here too :)

i think taking pictures of the sign in different places is a good idea :) would be nice to see other places on the Isles :)

Tweed Delights said...

Oooooh - don't encourage me! I feel a photographic project coming on, hehe! :)

theothermousie said...

Hope you all enjoy the school holidays - we finish on the 17th - can't wait! No more of the long commute to school - just me & the mice - LOL!

Hope you manage to catch up with stuff - though I suspect you won't keep away from your crafting for too long...

florcita said...

Go enjoy the nice weather! you know it doesn't last that long! Winter is way too long so better enjoy the sun whilst you can!