Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Felt Matters

Felt really does matter - when I'm not dreaming of tweed, I'm dreaming of felt, well not quite, but . . .

. . . I'm being incredibly boring 'blogwise' and perhaps otherwise, as I'm putting a lot of my energies into tidying up my crafting space this week. I've told myself quite firmly that there will be NO CRAFTING until I do this!! I'm quite impressed with myself that I seem to have got on top of things at last, probably because I made the decision to bring a halt to certain aspects of my craft business this month.

It's amazing how actually enjoyable this can be when you get into 'the mode'. I took a ridiculous amount of photographs so I thought I'd start with my felt pile.

Sorry, a bit of a squidged shot of my felt sorting!

I've sorted it (again!!) into (1) printed felt, (2) acrylic felt and (3) wool or wool-mix felt. I keep my acrylic felt mostly for paper-craft. The last pile is my wool-mix felt - my precious pile! I have various types/qualities of felt in this pile, but it's used predominantly for my toy-making projects. I haven't done much with my printed felt apart for the odd embellishment here and there.

Some of my wool felt is from Japan - this is my very, very precious stash as I've never been able to find it since (I got it on E-bay), some I get on http://www.myriadonline.co.uk/ which has lovely 100% wool felt in fab colours. I have also got some from http://www.fredaldous.co.uk/ which is specifically for toy-making - both great sites for toymaking in one form or another.

More pictures soon - I might reserve them for 'My Creative Space' on Thursday - if you can take any more!!


Jennifer Rose said...

ooh love the yellow printed felt, its very pretty :)

june at noon said...

I don't think I've ever seen printed felt. How pretty!

I can't find wool felt anywhere around here. One of these days I'm going to order some online so I can do more than a few silly projects that won't matter if they fall apart.

Good luck organizing/cleaning!

Marion said...

Tidying up is very therapeutic. It helps to tidy the mind too, espesh when it's clogged up with endless to do's.
I think I need a tidy up too!