Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Wey Hey - Giveaway!

Just as the lovely 'Swirly Arts' closes her fab Giveaway, I am opening mine - pure coincidence, there must be some ESP going on! I had planned to open my Giveaway today, but the way my week has gone it was looking a little dubious! However, it seems to have come together somehow - things happen like that sometimes.

My Giveaway is to celebrate my new range of 'home-decor' gifts which I have now dedicated my original Etsy shop to. I did of course have to open a new shop to accommodate my 'tweedie-plush', well they really needed their own space! It's also just to celebrate being 'allowed' to share my crafty ideas, hiccups, and day-to-day goings on in my home in the Hebrides. It really does give me a lot of pleasure, so here's a little thank-you for my readers.

The second pic above shows the tweed in a better light, as it's pure black tweed with a white check weave - really pretty! The weaver I bought it from gave me a little extra as it was all he had left, so I'm going to share it with you, hehe! The mini-cushion is about 25 cm square with a sweet little bow feature in the corner - you can probably see a better image of one in my shop.

To win the Giveaway just leave a comment saying what you would do with this little cushion - it's more of a decorative one because of its smaller size. Hope you will join in the fun - you can always have a little browse in my new Etsy shops, but its not a condition to the Giveaway!

I will be busy with a Gallery Shop order I received yesterday, for the next week or so and with my hubby being on holiday too, so may not be blogging much for the next week or two. I will leave the Giveaway open for 2 weeks until midnight (European time) Wednesday 12th August. Anyone in the world can enter - spreading a little tweedy love around the globe!

I will either use the 'Random Number Thingummy' thing or just pull the numbers out of a hat - whichever seems most appropriate! Have fun!

Bye for Now :)

P.S. I will announce the winner on Thursday 13th August.


theothermousie said...

How exciting! IF I was lucky enough to win the little gorgeous cushion - I would give it to my daughter as it would really compliment her new colour bedroom which is being redecorated. She deserves it as she hasn't had the best of starts to her summer hols! x

Erin said...

I would hug the pillow if I won. I love cozy things and crave winter weather. Then maybe I would put it on my navy couch . . . for future cuddling.

wool wool wool

Swirlyarts said...

It would sit nicely on my chair in the craft room until 2 little girls got hold of it and then it could end up anywhere!

florcita said...

Tweed is so refined... lovely.
I think a minu-cushion like that would look very pretty indeed on my couch...or wait... my bed... can I wjust walk around with it?
Congrats on the second shop and the success!

Leah said...

I would have to put it on my bed. We've just moved house and our bedroom colour scheme is red and black so it would be an ideal match.

Just had to say your guitar is awesome

Digital Misfit said...

Oh that wee pillow is wonderful!
I absolutely love Harris tweed - the softly scratchy beauty is just unlike anything else. I would show that pillow off in my art nook, right on my favorite reading chair next to my wonderful plush squirrel art doll.

Janewalker said...

I would have this cushion sent to my son. A beautiful black tweed waiting to be loved. My son is very patriotic, and would love the fact that this wee cushion is handmade by a Scot, tweed woven by a scot and gifted to him to treasure. He is not materialistic but would love the alchemy behind it.
Hope it's his lucky day!

Orphir said...

I would pin a little collection of sparkly brooches to the cushion, I love the look of tweed with vintage jewellery and this would mean mini treasures aren't hidden away in a box anymore :-)

Cindy said...

Ack! Your tweedie plush shop is adorable! I hearted you. :)

Ok, so what would I do with the cushion? I would love it, of course! It would fit in perfectly with my vintage handmade pillow collection. :)


Jennifer Rose said...

really lovely little cushion :D hmm I would stick it on the bed as it would go really nicely with the suede cover we have :)

Diane said...

Well, such a fabulous cushion would have to be displayed at every possible opportunity! Rotated around the rooms of my house for maximum exposure, a pillow in the pram for my wee boy when we're out and about, on skype/web-cam chat with pals all over the world, anywhere in shot of cameras clicking etc etc. You get the picture - your beautiful little cushion should NEVER be hidden from the public - let it shine!