Friday, 23 January 2009

Any Ideas?

I won't be doing any crafting today as I have to attend a family event (not a happy one unfortunately) and would normally be at my 'other job' in any event. However, I thought I'd post this picture of a piece of embroidered text which I made in the early days when I rediscovered my 'crafty side' a couple of years ago. I'm not a great one for analysing web statistics (I haven't figured out half of them yet!) but I have noticed that this photo, which was one of the first I posted on Flickr, gets views EVERY day and more views than any of my other creations.

The text is of a Gaelic proverb which I took from a book and the blurb I added on Flickr is as follows "My first rudimentary efforts at embroidering text - recently rediscovered during a tidy-up. Gaelic proverb roughly translated says: "You don't know someone until you've shared a peat-stack with them". For peat-stack you could read "log-pile"? It's a comment on domestic bliss - or not?! I'd like to try more of these"

I'm not sure why it gets so many views - my embroidery skills are pretty basic at best, so I'm guessing it's the sentiments of the proverb or/and the fact that it's in Gaelic. All my creative efforts and people keep going back to this little piece of work! It makes me laugh to see it's continuing popularity but it's also quite intriguing. Any ideas??


Jennifer Rose said...

I think its probably because its in Gaelic. Gets people thinking about how to pronounce it lol

angelfruit said...

Having difficulty with your pages after this one. Browser just coming up with page not found - is anyone else having this problem?

Tweed Delights said...

Sorry 'angelfruit' - I'm not aware of any problem. Hope it's just a temporary 'glitch' - seems OK here.