Saturday, 10 January 2009

Oranges in the Rain

Well, it's been a really dreary, wet, blustery - think I've run out of adjectives!! - day today here in the Hebrides. I bought these lovely, fresh oranges (they're tangerines or mandarines or whatever actually ...) at the supermarket and wished I'd taken a pic straight away as they had lovely green leaves on them and looked fab.

Even by this morning the leaves had begun to wilt in the warmth of our kitchen but they still looked great. The colour cheered me up on such a dreich (Scottish for wet??) day!

The neighbour's barn just looked like a blur in the rain, through our kitchen window .....

. . . and I ended up making some 'blank' bookmarks in readiness for adding them to any orders that I may be lucky to get! Sorry, it's a bit of a poor pic - it was getting a bit dark by the time I took it today:

If I'm feeling organised I make up a bookmark with swatches of Harris Tweed glued on and maybe even colour co-ordinate the colours with the customer's order - that's when I'm organised!! (this is the reverse of the bookmark with the definition of Harris Tweed added).

Hope you had a nice day!


joshua said...
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Swirlyarts said...

What a fab idea for a little something to go in with orders! I usually add a little notebook made of recycled materials - if I have any handy that is!!

Jennifer Rose said...

wet, grey and windy here :/

the bookmarks are a great idea :)

Sarah W-M said...

I have been realy happy with my Christmas baubles - so happy in fact that since my move to Lewis they are dangling from my cupboard handles in the kitchen. Really didn't want to put them away! The bookmark was also lovely and been in daily use since