Thursday, 15 January 2009

my creative space

HaHa!! I actually managed to remember the Thursday "my creative space" slot. So here I am revealing my creative 'guddle' to the world! I had high hopes of a crafting frenzy this week, but it's ended up more of a crafting 'trickle' between one thing and another. I decided to start on some simple projects though to get back in the way of things.

Yesterday, I started work on some simple Harris Tweed decorative hearts. I love to hand sew and predominantly sit in the living room with simple projects like these. You're getting a good view of the living room chair which I've monopolised to keep my stash of crafting goodies. Needless to say nobody actually gets to sit on this chair! My note book is propped up at the back - I've been jotting down some ideas this morning for new applique cards to compliment my "Beastie-Tweedie" range of soft toys.

Scraps of tweed, thread, fabric glue, some old tweed rosettes, pens, notebooks, scissors .... It's all there - on my living room chair! I'm off to oggle some other crafters' crafting mayhem at kootoyoo now - bye for now!

P.S. If you have time you could always pop over to the fantastic Cuteable giveaway! It's a cracker!!


Jennifer Rose said...

looks like our couch :p I don't think anyone has sat on it for a few weeks now lol

Tweed Delights said...

'couch crafters' unite!! - haha

Well, it's better than being a couch potato, I suppose :D

edward and lilly said...

You have some lovely things on the go, I love handsewing on the couch too, it's so very relaxing :)