Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Just an Update!

I'm all set to start a crafting frenzy this week - so just a quick post with a pic of the view from our back 'garden' today. I sometimes walk down the croft in the foreground to catch my bus to town.

You can just see the lamp post where I wait for it to arrive - not much shelter on a gusty, rainy day! Anyway, that's island living for you - the weather is a dominating force here, but I love it (most of the time!!).

I might be making some of my collage cards this week - they were inspired by looking out my bedroom window at the headland, sea and sky beyond. They're an abstract design but I love playing around with the colours and patterns of the tweed and they seem to tie in with our landscape views here - big skies!

Hope you're having a nice day, wherever you are!


Anonymous said...

Its ages since I've been to the Hebrides. Seeing your collages reminds me of all the visits I made to the mill where they mixed up the wool. Loved to see the masses of brightly coloured wool going into the machines.

Swirlyarts said...

A crafting frenzy hey? Sounds good! I love those cards:)

Jennifer Rose said...

that is a gorgeous view :D Looks like it would be a nice walk on a better day (too cold for me :p)

Dawn said...

Hi Alison - lovely shot, looks so peaceful. Have a great day.