Sunday, 18 January 2009

More hearts and other stuff!

I've had an 'interesting' week, concentrating on smaller projects and actually managed to tick off most of my "To Do List" - which makes a change! I was also featured in two lovely blogs this week, which I was really delighted about.

At the fantastic Cuteable blog, which is always one of my daily reads and also in Linda Boucher's lovely blog. Linda paints beautiful paintings of glamorous women and shoes! I love her glamorous artworks but I'm particularly drawn to this print of sneakers - they seem to conjure up an image of relaxed Brighton living, somehow.

This week really made me realise how much you actually learn by running a small business - I managed to overcome some laptop 'hiccups', so I'm now an IT 'expert' (Haha!), as well as book-keeper, blogger, maker/designer - there's always some new hurdle to overcome and resolve! I definitely wish there were less hurdles sometimes though!! (OK - I took the hoover to my laptop, but that's another story!!)

I continued with my Harris Tweed hearts and managed to add more to my Etsy shop - I particularly liked the sequin version - I always like a bit of bling! I've been working on some new cards to accompany my 'Beastie Tweedies' - some 'googly' eyes were involved in the process - more on them next week!

Still on the topic of stocking my Etsy shop I've been looking at my crafting stash and realising there are items just waiting to be listed like this aran wool hand-knitted doll's jumper. So I'll have to have a good old rummage and see what other 'goodies' are sitting waiting to be listed! Seeing my huge ball of aran wool yarn is making me think of getting the needles out again - maybe later though, I'm not the world's most patient knitter!

P.S. It's snowing outside! (and we didn't get blown away by the gales after all!)


Swirlyarts said...

I'm going to learn to knit one day.......

Jennifer Rose said...

I only learned to knit recently, so am still trying to figure out how loose or tight to make things, but I'm glad I learned. Still need lots of practice though before I knit anything like a sweater lol

didn't get any snow here. just lots of sleet :/