Sunday, 4 January 2009

Inspiration ...

I picked this book up today, as I hadn't had a look at it in a long time. I bought it about a year and a half ago with a birthday book token and pored over it for days afterwards! At the time I hadn't a clue about blogging, what it was or why anyone did it, but the actual crafts and makers in the book really inspired me. The common thread through the book is crafters who blog - each chapter focusing on an individual crafter who give answers to three questions: "why do I create", "what inspires you" and "where do you work". There's a 'make' by each individual crafter at the end of each chapter too.

I was really fascinated by it when I bought it because I realised there were all these other people in the world doing very similar things to myself. I did sometimes wonder why I was sitting at home making soft toy butterflies out of Harris Tweed but this book made me realise that it was perfectly 'normal'!! Anyway, it was quite nice looking through it today with slightly different eyes since I've joined the art/craft blogging community. It has a good section at the back on how to get your own blog started. It's amazing the difference a year and a half can make!

I have to say that I won't be posting a pic of "where do you work" today as it'll take me at least a week to sort it out after the pre-Christmas rush and it looks a bit scary to say the least! That's next week's task.

Any particular book that got your creative juices going?


Jennifer Rose said...

this is the second time today I have seen this book on my feed reader, I'm going to have to see if I can find it and have a look.

you could post a before and after shot of where you work :) (with all the books and pencils on my desk you would never see where I work lol)

I can't think of one specific book, and most of them are coloured pencil related not craft related. I have lots of books on making bags that do give me ideas for bags to make for myself (hmm I think I need a bigger closet :P)

Marian said...

I have that book too and I thought it was very interesting to go through it and see precisely that... we are normal... or else, there is a whole lotta crazy/crafty people out there!