Thursday, 8 January 2009

my creative space

I came across a lovely idea today for a regular blog feature from Swirly Arts' blog today. Being a chronic commitment phobic it took me a while to decide whether to join Kirsty's blogging game: my creative space but as it's January ... it seemed like a good idea!! Each Thursday, post an image of your creative space, be it at your desk, on the floor, in the kitchen, on the settee - well that seems to fit my creative space to a tee!

If you fit that kind of bill, I'm sure you could join in too! So here's a bit of a muggy shot of my desk (tonight actually!). Left over bits and pieces from Christmas projects (that'll be the tube of sequins), my Lewis chessmen (I decided to leave them there!) and some fabric buttons - an idea in progress! Oh, the camera never lies!! I suddenly feel very exposed - Ha Ha! Hmmm - my phone looks a bit dusty too!

I also thought this 'meme' game might give me an incentive to be a bit more methodical in my crafting habits - it's good to have aspirations - isn't it!!


Kirsty said...

I love those self cover buttons. You wouldn't expect something so simple to be so satisfying.

Swirlyarts said...

Trust me - that's a very tidy desk! If I don't get off my bum and tidy my craft room then next week you will see a very very messy desk :) And the best thing is is that you don't have to join in every week - so if you do have a very messy desk then you can say you have forgotten :)

Diana Meade said...

Hi Allison,
Your desk is admirable. I am wondering what is on the agenda for that fab pink covered button.

CameoRoze said...

Looks like lots of good projects in the making.

Creatin' is cool!
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