Monday, 15 June 2009

Fishy Goings-On

Continuing on my stock-building mission (and perhaps inspired by all that fresh herring we've been eating lately!) I made up some of these little tweedy-fish at the weekend. They're just ready for hand-embroidering and I intend to add some scale details onto these ones (the original one, shown on top, was kept more simple as a possible 'kitty-toy'). I thought they would make fun tweedy-souvenir gifts for the 'kiddies' or even the 'big-kiddies'!

A lovely family friend lent me her copies of 'Selvedge' this weekend, so I've been drooling over the sumptuous articles and photos in this amazing textile publication. I'm not trained in textiles/fabrics, in any way (one year in Art College plus a couple of months of second year in the Printmaking Department - well I did manage a couple of lino prints and an etching before I left!!) so this magazine is a bit of an education too.

Well, every day is an education, isn't it! That's my philosophical ramblings over for today, you'll be glad to know!

Happy Monday!


janet said...

Alison...your little fish are adorable..they look like they should be flipping and flopping about ;-) Nice one with the scales on when you are finished.

Jennifer Rose said...

that magazine looks great, lots of things to drool over in it lol