Saturday, 13 June 2009

Our Little Town . . . and some herring!

I finally remembered to pop my camera into my bag this week, so I could take a photo of our little town, Stornoway. It looks very quiet and serene here, but it's very much like any other small Scottish coastal town. I quite like this pic of it though, and if I were an artist, I'd probably do a drawing or a painting of it. Think I'll stick to my Harris Tweed creations though!

And for some more local culture, we've been eating quite a lot of these recently - fresh herring! Fried in oatmeal, with some boiled potoatoes - very yummy!

I'm off to make some little Harris Tweed 'softie' fish now, for the craft fairs - hope I haven't made you too hungry!

Cheerio an Drasda!


Jennifer Rose said...

hmmm might have to try herring and then try it fried in oatmeal. Never had herring at all before :p

looks like a pretty town :D

florcita said...

herring! yumyum!!!!
The picture is gorgeous!

janet said...

Your little town looks lovely...maybe I will paint it ;-) You have me very hungry for fried fish and potatoes!!
See you on Twitter ;-)

Swirlyarts said...

Ooh it looks picture perfect! Might have to visit in Bumble sometime :D