Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Through the Keyhole

I think I mentioned I'd started on some handmade 'aperture' cards at the weekend. As with everything that looks absolutely simple to make, there was a lot more effort in them than might initially appear! Suffice to say, there was a lot of cutting, glueing, double-sided tape(ing!) involved to make them look effortlessly simple!

I had to devise a way of sealing the tweed fabric inside a second layer of card so they look nice and tidy from the inner of the card - sheesh! My simple, relaxing project wasn't quite so straightforward after all - never mind, I was quite pleased with the results.

Mostly, I just like how they show off the fabric to its best advantage and of course, being Harris Tweed, they are very 'touchy/feely'!

I like a bit of 'kitsch' so was quite pleased with the 'Scottie' dogs.

. . . some dragon flies (which I was delighted to get blanks for, as they are a native species)

. . . and some simple hearts (not much I can say about them!!).

Sorry some of the pics are a bit dark, you can't really see the richness of the fabric, particularly the plaid/checks - the colours are really beautiful.

Off to continue with my stock-building mission!

Bye for Now


theothermousie said...

They look fantastic - brilliant dragonflies too - they were my fave - but now I've seen the scottie dogs I'm not sure...!

Jennifer Rose said...

the Scottie dogs are really cute :D

florcita said...

well, they look absolutely gorgeous so the effort was worth it!

Anonymous said...

what a lovely idea - they look great.
when i tweeted re aperture cards had not got round to reading your blog for a few days so hadn't appreciated you had been using aperture cards!

june at noon (Gretchen) said...

I am so late in commenting, but I had to say how much I like these. I know simple things can still take way more time than they appear to, but it was well worth it with these!