Thursday, 25 June 2009

Six Unimportant Things I Love

I was tagged with this fun me-me by Jenifir whose blog I've enjoyed reading over the past few months (via My Creative Space). She is a very thrifty lady, with a busy family life - how she finds time to create and blog fills me with awe!! I'm keeping this short and sweet as I've just recently done another 'me-me' and this might be a bit of over-kill but wanted to participate as I was delighted to be chosen by this industrious crafty lady!

I must choose six unimportant things I love (my interpretation of this is 6 things which I love but are of no great consequence in the greater scheme of things!) and link back to my fellow blogger. Here are my 6 things I love, of no great importance to anyone but me!

1. The sound of the cuckoo at the end of our road - it was as clear as a bell this year, I feel quite priveleged to hear it as I understand they are now becoming more rare.
2. The smell of Harris Tweed - the woolly, warm, earthy smell - I also like it when you find twiggy bits in it, makes it feel even more 'organic', as if it's not 'organic' enough!!
3. Watching my youngest cycling off to school on a sunny day - he looks so carefree. The road is very quiet with very little traffic and the school is so close, I can practically see him arriving there!
4. The smell of fresh strawberries off my fingers after chopping them up (the strawberries, that is, not my fingers!!) - don't know why, it's just a yummy, natural smell!
5. Eating freshly made crepes with my boys, pouring on loads of maple syrup and lemon and sugar and . . . (I think there's a growing slant towards food here!)
6. Having fresh flowers on my kitchen table - I'm such a messy tike, it also has the added incentive for me to tidy up my kitchen to enjoy them!!

I'm following my other fellow-blogger's lead, the very talented Muddlepud, who left her 'me-me' open to all which I think is a great idea, and a good way of linking up blogs too! If you want to join in this 'me-me' you could leave a comment so we can find you - there, everyone's happy! (she said, smugly!!) Job done!

A mosaic of some of the things I love - didn't have pics of all the things and there's 9 here, but it's more of a general overview of some things I love from my Flickr photostream! (I know, there's 3 pictures of food - that's a third of my choices, Yikes!)


Jennifer Rose said...

I love the smell of fresh strawberries, can never get enough of them :)

Jenifir said...

I wait all year for strawberries. I love your six (er nine things -I love food too). Have you seen and thought about joining Woollywotnots Everyday Inspirations Flickr? Thank-you for flattering me. Have you heard of robbing Peter to pay Paul? Well the pull between homekeeping and creative time can be a bit of a shouting match in my head.

Karin said...

I just put fresh flowers on my dining table. I do love flowers in the house too. They really make me happy!

(And I really want some strawberries now!)